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About Customs Support

Customs Support: The Neutral Customs agent 

Customs Support is the neutral customs agent that, on a European level, is focusing on offering total solutions in the area of customs services. Customs Support offers solutions for all Customs activities aimed on market segment and size of the company. We offer your organization both support in handling Customs formalities within as well as outside the European community

At present there are offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. All kinds of import, export and transit documents, as well as Limited Fiscal Representation are processed here. The processing can be done either on our warrant or on the warrant of the customer.

Customs Support as a neutral party in the market offers Back Office services in the area of Customs processing. The organization already has 25 years of experience as a Customs agent. The company originated from Mobiel Neutraal and Port Support. In 2005 the focus was completely directed to Customs processing.

A short overview of our services:

Our mission:

To be the best neutral and integer Customs agent of the Netherlands, for which we make maximum use of the technological possibilities so that our customers will get an optimal service. This we try to achieve while we are giving attention to our customers, employees and environment.

Customs Clearance
Customs Support offers solutions for all Customs activities focused on market segment and company size. We offer your organization support with both processing Customs formalities within and outside the European community.

As a professional Customs agent we work according to the following principles:

Fast, efficient and neutral
We take the time to listen to our customers and to understand specific needs in the area of Customs expedition and to address those. In addition we have advanced systems and highly qualified experienced declarants with a thorough knowledge of the European Legislation and regulations on Customs. This enables us to process all your Customs documents fast, efficiently and neutrally.

We take care of a very diligent and precise processing of the Customs documents and keep our eye on the specific wishes of our customers.

Customs Support is acting on the basis of integrity, by applying the highest standards when it concerns accuracy, quality and compliance with legal obligations.

Customs Support is member of:
Customs Support is AEO certified
for customs and safety regulations