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Customs Support Group is the neutral and dynamic customs partner for small and large entrepreneurs in North West Europe. A fast-growing company that provides a smart, fast and efficient solution. Every day, nearly 200 customs specialists stand ready in one of our many offices. Our team consists of different specialized sector teams, so we can always be the best partner for you.


Our experienced and skilled specialists are the strength behind the Customs Support Group. Being neutral, efficient and solution-oriented are the main pillars. Thanks to our drive and innovative culture, the team continues to develop continuously.

Each sector team has its own specialty. For example, there are experts for the healthcare, tech, industrial, automotive and aerospace industries, but also for the consumer and retail sectors.

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  • Youri van Renen
    Youri van Renen General Manager
  • Violetta Pasturczak
    Violetta Pasturczak Manager Operations
  • Thanee van Dongen
    Thanee van Dongen
  • Tamara van Brouwershaven
    Tamara van Brouwershaven Hoofd Declarant
  • Ries van Splunder
    Ries van Splunder Declarant
  • Peter Sterrenburg
    Peter Sterrenburg Team Manager
  • Patricia Ringeling
    Patricia Ringeling
  • Pascal de Gier
    Pascal de Gier Senior Declarant
  • Nick Heinrici
    Nick Heinrici Declarant


In the area of sustainability, Customs Support Group has developed strongly in recent years. One of the most important indicators for us is our contribution as a CO2-neutral organization.

What we do in concrete terms:

  • Based on our Carbon Footprint, we compensate our energy consumption by planting new trees.
  • We use E-Invoicing and have a digital archive to reduce paper usage as much as possible.
  • The paper we use is always labelled with the FSC certificate.

Ethical operations

As an international service organization, ethical operations are paramount. We believe it is important that our activities support society and do not harm it. For this reason, we do not work with the transport of war material.

Stakeholder management & chain responsibility

Customs Support Group is an international company with a strong sense of social responsibility. We strive for a high degree of diversity to stakeholders. In addition, we ask all our partners and suppliers to what extent they are involved in corporate social responsibility. Simply because social responsibility is a responsibility for everyone.

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