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Our people are the driving force behind Customs Support. The Customs Support team includes more than 80 people, who all have the required experience, attitude and enthusiasm to provide optimal service and add value to our customer relations.

  • Violetta Pasturczak
    Violetta Pasturczak Manager Operations
  • Mihri Kizilgöz
    Mihri Kizilgöz Sr. Customs Consultant
  • Michel van Deelen
    Michel van Deelen Clustermanager Rotterdam area
  • Lilian Retel
    Lilian Retel Customs Consultant
  • Frans van der Voort
    Frans van der Voort Implementation Specialist
  • Flip van der Meer
    Flip van der Meer Office Manager
  • Edwin de Vries
    Edwin de Vries Office Manager
  • Daniel Hennig
    Daniel Hennig Supervisor Operations
  • Barbara Pouw
    Barbara Pouw HR Manager
  • Annemiek Ploumen
    Annemiek Ploumen General Manager
  • Arie Bal
    Arie Bal Manager Risk and Exceptions
  • Ron Krijnen
    Ron Krijnen Vestigingsmanager Hazeldonk
  • Jaap Feijen
    Jaap Feijen Vestigingsmanager Coevorden
  • Nathalie Roozen
    Nathalie Roozen Operationeel Manager Rotterdam
  • Carlo van Wezel
    Carlo van Wezel Finance Director
  • Ton van Grinsven
    Ton van Grinsven Business Development Director
  • Sylvia van Aalst
    Sylvia van Aalst General Manager CSC
  • Anita Hubers
    Anita Hubers Sales Manager

Pompa BV is an independent and neutral customs expeditor. Pompa handles not only the import, export and transit declarations (T1 and T2 documents) and T2L (F) customs documents for its clients, but also the general and limited fiscal representation with respect to valued added tax (VAT), authorized shipper and authorized consignee declarations, the customs entrepôt (storage) administration and the request for phytosanitary (potatoes, vegetables and fruit) and veterinary (fish and meat) inspections. For fruit inspections, Pompa is considered as the inspection location holder at 2 locations in the Rotterdam port.

  • Tamara van Brouwershaven
    Tamara van Brouwershaven Hoofd Declarant
  • Ries van Splunder
    Ries van Splunder Declarant
  • Pascal de Gier
    Pascal de Gier Senior Declarant
  • Nick Heinrici
    Nick Heinrici Declarant
  • Michel van Deelen
    Michel van Deelen Clustermanager Rotterdam area
  • Marco Nefs
    Marco Nefs Senior Declarant
  • Jens Hartkoorn
    Jens Hartkoorn Tax Accountant
  • Edith Polak
    Edith Polak Consultant Risk & Exceptions
  • Dennis van der Laan
    Dennis van der Laan Declarant
  • Cock Zom
    Cock Zom Declarant

Freshport manages the complete chain of customs handling for perishable goods and live animals that are sent to and from the European Union. This includes perishable goods for human consumption (fish, meat, etc.), for non-human consumption (vaccines, bull sperm, etc.), pet fish, vegetables and fruit. The increasing regulation by the European Veterinarian Authorities, including HACCP regulations, require optimal facilities and processes. Freshport has a unique, state-of-the-art facility that meets the newest regulations and is located next to the landing strip at Schiphol airport.

  • Annemiek Ploumen
    Annemiek Ploumen General Manager

Where needed, we go the extra mile for our customers. In addition to, Import and Export documentation, you can also turn to us for Fiscal Representation, VAT and customs issues, but we can also guide you in the application for AEO certification and other customs projects. We are primarily engaged in the import and export of AGF, and we are active in the import and export of all kinds of other products.

  • Youri van Renen
    Youri van Renen General Manager

European Customs Support (ECS) is a dynamic forwarding company with more than 40 years of experience in the world of customs formalities. ECS handles all customs activities in the broadest sense of the word. We are happy to help you with more difficult customs issues like entrepôt applications, handling claims, tariffs, professional and objection procedures. In addition to our years of experience, it is especially our no-nonsense approach that allows us to provide a fast and efficient service to our customers.

  • Thanee van Dongen
    Thanee van Dongen
  • Peter Sterrenburg
    Peter Sterrenburg Team Manager
  • Patricia Ringeling
    Patricia Ringeling
  • Natalia Kogan
    Natalia Kogan Customs Agent
  • Mitchell Pol
    Mitchell Pol
  • Mario van Herwaarden
    Mario van Herwaarden General Manager
  • Lex de Haas
    Lex de Haas
  • Hatim Acharki
    Hatim Acharki
  • Eems van den Boogaard
    Eems van den Boogaard Team Manager
  • Berry van Broekhoven
    Berry van Broekhoven
  • Arno Verheulen
    Arno Verheulen

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