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Secondment, recruitment & selection and outsourcing.

Good personnel are essential for achieving your goals. But how do we get good, new employees? Recruitment and selection of suitable candidates is both a time consuming and costly matter. Customs Support will assist you. Much of the time of our HRM department is spent on that. Our Customs Support takes care of the entire process of recruitment till the selection of candidates for the first or second round of application. Even the contracting of the candidates inclusive of the entire wages administration can be organized by us. As a specialist we hire specialists: educated people with talent and professional experience. We take care of your concerns. That is how you can spend more time on your core activities and thereby increase the return on your time spent.

At Customs Support Personnel we are dealing with people first. Customs Support was in the last years among the founders and the early adopters of innovative developments for complex labor market issues regarding Customs processing and logistics administration. By combining traditional instruments such as secondment, recruitment & selection and outsourcing in a well thought out manner, we are able to tap into new potential over and over and to make the perfect match between a person and a company. This combination of specific expertise with involvement in society and a sound entrepreneurial attitude is the key to our success.

Through Customs Support you have several alternatives to hire new employees. Of course you can hire candidates who have been introduced to you immediately on a contract with your own company. That might be just as easy for you. It is also possible to allocate your new employees firstly on a temporary basis by means of secondment or temporary labor at Customs Support. Customs Support will then take care of all employers’ tasks for your new employee. We can even arrange for transport to and from the work location.

Our approach
Customs Support is proud of the large reputation it has built up in recent years in the logistics branch. Not only within the Port of Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport, but also with several logistic service providers and shippers Customs Support has taken care of a flexible and professional solution for Customs personnel and administrative employees in logistics.

“No cure, no pay”
The fact that Customs Support is working on the basis of “No Cure, No Pay” is very important to you. This means you are only paying if a good candidate is found.

1) Making the acquaintance:  Firstly we make an appointment to get to know each other better and to go through all your wishes and demands with regard to a new employee. Furthermore, we will get a proper impression of your company and the work place for the new employee. That allows us to find somebody faster for your vacancy.

2) Search: On the basis of the job profile you have provided we approach candidates who meet the demands. We do this in different manners.

3) Interview: With the candidates we have approached we hold an extensive interview in one of our offices to find out whether they are suitable for your vacancy.

4) Proposal: Candidates who meet with your demands are introduced to you for an interview to make the acquaintance. The proposal will be accompanied by at least one reference of a previous employer.

5) Hiring: You are the one who makes the decision with whom you wish to continue.  All that is left to do is to agree upon the first working day.

For more information, call or mail:

Sylvia van Aalst
Phone: +31 10 79 88 300