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Transit documentation

Transit Documenten

Transit documentation

Goods that are entering the Netherlands but are meant for another destination within the EC are transported under Customs supervision. These goods need to be transported without being cleared through Customs. For these goods a transit declaration has to be drafted.

Without paying import duties or other taxes

Customs Support keeps these goods under supervision and checks them till they are cleared. In this manner goods can be transported to a destination within or outside the EU without paying import duties or other taxes. Alongside to the EU countries the EFTA countries (Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) take part.

Transit declaration

Customs Support of course wants to be assured that when the goods do not reach their destination, it can still collect the due taxes. That is why the declarant has to pay a deposit to Customs Support and all the data that are required to determine the amount of the duties/taxes should be mentioned on the Transit declaration.

When transit documentation required?

  • When the goods have arrived at their destination, the transporter should report with the goods to Customs Support
  • Subsequently the goods will be given a new Customs destination, such as import, re-export or storage in a bonded warehouse. As soon as the new Customs destination has been determined, the declaration is cleared.
  • When a declaration for Customs transport is made up, the declarant sends a Transit departure declaration to the Customs authority. This will be registered by the Customs with a Movement Reference Number (MRN). Upon arrival of the goods on the destination the MRN number is put in.
  • In the NCTS system this number will be recognized. Subsequently this is reported to the office of origin and will the clearance of the declaration take place. The deposit of the declarant can then be released. 

Customs Support can take care of your entire transit documentation.

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