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Customs Support Group is the neutral and dynamic customs partner for small and large businesses in North West Europe. A fast-growing company that provides smart, fast and efficient solutions. On a daily basis and in one of our many offices, over 200 customs specialists are ready to help you. Our team consists of different specialized groups, so we can always find the best partner for your case.


Our skilled and experienced specialists are the driving force behind the Customs Support Group. As a neutral, efficient and solution-oriented team they are the main pillars of our approach. Thanks to our drive and innovative culture, the team continues to develop and grow.

Each individual team has its own specialty. For example, we have experts in healthcare, tech, industrial, automotive and aerospace industries, but also for the consumer and retail sectors.

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Our people are the driving force behind Customs Support. The Customs Support team includes more than 80 people, who all have the required experience, attitude and enthusiasm to provide optimal service and add value to our customer relations.


Anita Hubers
Email address
+31 (0)10 79 88 300


Pompa BV is an independent and neutral customs expeditor. Pompa handles not only the import, export and transit declarations (T1 and T2 documents) and T2L (F) customs documents for its clients, but also the general and limited fiscal representation with respect to valued added tax (VAT), authorized shipper and authorized consignee declarations, the customs entrepôt (storage) administration and the request for phytosanitary (potatoes, vegetables and fruit) and veterinary (fish and meat) inspections. For fruit inspections, Pompa is considered as the inspection location holder at 2 locations in the Rotterdam port.


Michel van Deelen
Email address
+31(0)10 283 3177


Where needed, we go the extra mile for our customers. In addition to, Import and Export documentation, you can also turn to us for Fiscal Representation, VAT and customs issues, but we can also guide you in the application for AEO certification and other customs projects. We are primarily engaged in the import and export of AGF, and we are active in the import and export of all kinds of other products.


Michel van Deelen
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+31(0)17 45 28 587



European Customs Support (ECS) is a dynamic forwarding company with more than 40 years of experience in the world of customs formalities. ECS handles all customs activities in the broadest sense of the word. We are happy to help you with more difficult customs issues like entrepôt applications, handling claims, tariffs, professional and objection procedures. In addition to our years of experience, it is especially our no-nonsense approach that allows us to provide a fast and efficient service to our customers.


Mario van Herwaarden
Email address
+31(0)850 868 904


As an impartial customs agent, Arbo Grensservice B.V. has been performing customs formalities since 1978. We work with state-of-the-art systems for the electronic handling of declarations. We deliver our services to import en export firms, carriers, hauliers and private parties.

The advantages of working with Arbo Grensservice B.V.
We have the technical infrastructure for handling declarations throughout the country, at any location. Fast and efficiently. Furthermore, we can handle your declaration in Belgium and Germany.


Tim Peperkamp
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+31(0)26 370 8622




Sales Manager


In the area of sustainability, Customs Support Group has developed tremendously in recent years. One of the most important factors for us is our contribution as a CO2-neutral organization.

What we do in concrete terms:

  • Based on our Carbon Footprint, we make up for our energy consumption by planting new trees.
  • We use E-Invoicing and have a digital archiving system to reduce paper usage as much as possible.
  • The paper we use is always labelled with the FSC certificate.

Ethical operations

As an international service organization, ethical operations are paramount. We believe it is important that our activities support our community and do not harm it. For this reason, we do not work with the transport of war material.

Stakeholder management & chain responsibility

Customs Support Group is an international company with a strong sense of social responsibility. We strive for a high degree of diversity to stakeholders. In addition, we ask all our partners and suppliers to what extent they are involved in corporate social responsibility. Simply because social responsibility is a responsibility for everyone.

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