Brexit Update: May to hold 4th Vote June 3

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Three times already Theresa May has tried to get a majority of Parliament to approve the deal she closed with EU. Each time the majority said NO.

Earlier this week May announced she will be putting the deal in front of Parliament again on June 3rd. It seems the main reason for the date is timing. Shortly after the summer parliamentary recess will start.

Will the Aye’s have it?

It is unclear how she intends to get enough YES votes this time. Take for example this quote from a Labour spokesperson:

“In particular he raised doubts over the credibility of government commitments, following statements by Conservative MPs and Cabinet ministers seeking to replace the prime minister,” the spokesperson said.

“Jeremy Corbyn made clear the need for further movement from the government, including on entrenchment of any commitments.” Source

There hasn’t been much progress in the talks she’s having with Labour. Still, talks are continuing. The June 3rd date could also be meant as a deadline to make sure progress will be made in the next few weeks.

Customs Union, or No Customs Union?

The central issue on the table is the Customs Union. Labour wants a permanent customs union put into place. The Government is against this and refuses to budge. Opponents of a customs union are saying that in that case staying in the EU is better because then they would at least have a voice in matters.

Will May Stay?

May has another problem. Her leadership is still being questioned even by her own party.

The party is increasingly struggling to contain widespread anger among its MPs and members at May’s failure to lead the UK through Brexit. Several key committee members, including the chair, Sir Graham Brady, and the treasurer, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, have said May should draw up a clear schedule for her departure. Source 

The UK, Your Votes Please

The UK will take part in the upcoming elections for the European Parliament. This could have only been avoided in case of an approved deal before May 23rd, which will not happen.

The latest polling for the European Parliament elections shows that Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is likely to gain the most seats in the UK, as establishment parties are forecast to lose their majority across the European Union.  Source

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