Brexit Update: Boris Johnson writes Brexit will happen Oct. 31, deal or not

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Again Boris Johnson has vowed to leave the EU on October 31st, whether there is a deal or not. This goes against the explicit wish of the majority of Parliament, who have told Boris Johnson he would have to ask for an extension if no deal is reached. Johnson wrote this in an op-ed in the Sun yesterday. It is also at odds with statements made by the U.K. Government in a document presented to the Scottish Court earlier.

Johnson writes in The Sun

Johnson writes:

We will be packing our bags and walking out on October 31.

The only question is whether Brussels cheerily waves us off with a mutually agreeable deal, or whether we will be forced to head off on our own.

It doesn’t matter what the EU say or how negotiations pan out between now and the end of the month – they don’t want to deliver Brexit full stop, so will reject any and every attempt at finding a way forward. They say they’re against No Deal, but actually favour no Brexit.

We are leaving in 25 days. We can do it with a deal if the EU is willing. But they should be under no illusions or misapprehensions. There will be no more dither or delay. On October 31 we are going to get Brexit done.

You can read the op-ed in the Sun here.

But What About the Backstop

The Associated Press reports on Marketwatch:

It’s not clear how the government will resolve the difference between Johnson’s public stance and the position taken in court.

Johnson’s op-ed appeared aimed at adding pressure on the EU to agree to his latest Brexit proposals as the deadline nears. He urged EU negotiators to join the British side to agree on a deal the U.K. Parliament can support.

Also Sunday, Johnson presented his proposals to French President Emmanuel Macron, who said EU negotiators will determine in the coming days whether an amiable divorce deal is possible.

Macron said they will determine at the end of the week “whether an accord is possible in the respect of European Union principles” of the single market and stability in Ireland.

Johnson’s proposals focus on maintaining an open border between the U.K.’s Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland, which has been the key sticking point to a Brexit deal. The U.K. proposes to do that by keeping Northern Ireland closely aligned to EU rules for trade in goods, possibly for an extended period.

Read the full story on Marketwatch here.

What is Everybody Saying?

Bloomberg has an interesting re-cap of what various UK and EU officials have said about the final stages of Brexit we seem to be in between now and October 31. Some interesting quote from that article:

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay suggested on the BBC TV’s “Andrew Marr“ show on Sunday that there is scope for the U.K. to alter its position in discussions with the European Union on the issues of customs checks between Ireland and Northern Ireland, and the principle of consent, whereby politicians in Northern Ireland would have an effective veto over regulatory alignment with the EU.

There’s no way for Boris Johnson to circumvent the law passed by Parliament requiring him to delay Brexit if he can’t get a deal or approval for a no-deal Brexit through the House of Commons, Labour’s shadow attorney-general, Shami Chakrabarti, told BBC TV on Sunday.

The Prime Minister isn’t making any headway in winning over Members of Parliament from the opposition Labour Party, even those that have said they want to be able to support a Brexit deal. One of those MPs, Lisa Nandy, told Sky News on Sunday that all Johnson has done is alienate people like herself.

Read the full story on Bloomberg here.

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