Brexit Update: Johnson Loses Majority and Important Brexit Vote

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One of the first things Parliament has done after returning from summer recess is vote against Boris Johnson. In a special debate on the Brexit 328 PMs voted for changing the political agenda that Johnson had planned for today. 301 were against.

What Was the Vote About?

It’s all about a hard no-deal Brexit, or actually, preventing one. The PMs that are against this called for the vote. With yesterday’s win, they can now vote for a law that forces Prime Minister Johnson to ask the EU for a three-month extension if there is no deal agreed by the Brittish Parliament by October 19..

The chances of the Parliament agreeing on a deal before October 19 are very slim.

Boris Loses Majority in Parliament

There is another problem for Johnson. He has lost the one-vote majority in Parliament he had. The Conservative PM Philip Lee has joined the Liberal Democrats.

He is facing trouble in his own party as well, as 21 Conservative Party members have voted against him. All 21 have been kicked out of the Conservative Party, and Johnson has said that in case of new elections, they will not be allowed to run as Conservatives in the election.

New Elections?

Boris Johnson now wants new elections. That is also what the opposition wants, but their wishes in terms of timing are different. Johnson wants elections now, and the opposition wants to make sure a no-deal Brexit is prevented first. Johnson needs the backing of two-thirds of Parliament to hold new elections, which he will probably not get right now.

What the papers are saying

The headlines are clear:

The Guardian: Humiliation for Johnson as Tory rebels turn against him
The Times: PM loses historic vote
Daily Mirror: Boris loses control

The Guardian has rounded up the headlines and has summarized what the papers are saying:

The Times gave weight to its front page picture of an animated prime minister beneath the headline: “PM loses historic vote.” It says he “lost control of Brexit” as MPs paved the way for an extension on the 31 October deadline for an exit.

The Guardian focuses on the significance of the defeat, calling it a “humiliation” for the PM. The paper highlights three key developments: the loss of a historic vote, the notable Tory rebels (Philip Hammond, David Gauke and Sir Nicholas Soames), and the loss of the government’s majority after Phillip Lee walked.

The Financial Times says Johnson’s Brexit strategy is “in ruins” in the wake of the defeat, and uses in image of a contemplative PM alongside Andrea Leadsom and Sajid Javid.

The Daily Mail heads straight to the prospect of the UK “hurtling” towards an election next month. It gets an image of Jeremy Corbyn with an eyebrow raised onto its front, alongside a “Britain needs you”-style image of Johnson, and carries the headline: “Now you decide, Britain”.

The Express criticises the Tory rebels and parliament in general, accusing them of “betraying Brexit” on a shameful day for democracy. “Parliament surrenders to the EU,” is the headline, above an image of Johnson ruffling his hair.

For a full overview see the Guardian here.

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