Brexit Update: Parliament Votes Against Blocking No-Deal and Boris Johnson in the Lead to Succeed

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Yesterday and today there were two important Brexit-related votes in the UK Parliament.
Let’s start with the vote about the plan Labour launched to block a No-Deal-Brexit.

Blocking No-Deal? No-Deal!

A proposal launched by Labour to try and give Parliament a bigger say in the Brexit decision process was voted down yesterday. Only barely so. 298 were for and 309 MPs voted against. The Labour Party fears that May’s successor will move forward with Brexit no matter what, which could result in a No-Deal. The BBC:

The result of the vote was greeted with cheers from the Tory benches.

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responded by shouting “you won’t be cheering in September”.

Read the whole story here.

The BBC further reports Boris Johnson told the press he is not aiming for a no-deal. He is the strongest candidate to succeed Theresa May. He’s also adamant that the UK should leave the EU October 31st no matter what. And without the Irish backstop…

But he said the threat of no deal was a “vital” negotiation tool and the UK “must do better” than the current deal.

At his campaign launch, Home Secretary Sajid Javid said Mr Johnson was “yesterday’s news”.

He argued the party should not vote for “the same old insiders” and a leader from a “new generation” was needed.

Read the whole story here.

Johnson Wins First Voting Round

The other vote was held within the Conservative Party. It was the first round of votes on who will be May’s successor. If the ten people in the vote, seven now remain in the race. Boris Johnson got the most votes. With 114 he got more than a third of the 317 conservative MP votes.

The conservative party MPs will keep voting in various rounds until only two candidates are left. In the second round, the candidates need to get at least 33 votes to stay in the race. When there are only two candidates left all members of the Conservative Party can vote via regular mail to decide who will succeed May as Conservative Party leader and new Prime Minister.

Those who want to know more details about the battle for the Conservative Party leadership should read “Tory leadership rivals discuss alliance to stop Boris Johnson” from The Guardian.

Conservative leadership candidates are in talks about joining forces to provide the strongest challenge to Boris Johnson, who looks all but certain to be Britain’s next prime minister after trouncing rivals in the first MPs’ ballot.


His closest rival, the foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, was trailing in a distant second place, with 43 votes. Johnson thanked colleagues and insisted “we have a long way to go”, but MPs believe it would take an extraordinary upset to halt his passage to No 10.

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