Brexit Update: Theresa May Officially Steps Down

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It was May 27th when Theresa May announced she would resign as Prime Minister per June 7. She has now officially resigned as leader of the Conservative Party and thus as Prime Minister as well.

What Will Happen Now?

May will remain Prime Minister until her party has chosen a new Prime Minister. This is not done per general election, but with an internal election. There currently are 11 candidates. Read about where they stand on Brexit here.

Candidates have until Monday to announce their candidacy after when voting rounds among Conservative Party MPs. They will vote in rounds until 2 candidates are left. Then all paying members of the Conservative Party members can vote who will be their new Leader and thus the new Prime Minister. There are only 130,000 paying members.

Sky News has created a nice overview of what will happen in the next weeks in terms of candidates and voting until the new Prime Minister will (probably) be announced on July 23rd. You can find that overview here.

Mission Impossible

Where Ethan Hunt usually succeeds in completing his impossible missions, May has failed. And she was handed a Mission Impossible. When she became Prime Minister the people had already voted for a Brexit. May herself wanted to remain in the EU, but she took it upon, nevertheless, to try and guide the UK towards a favourable Brexit. Why the mission was impossible is explained by Brendan Donnely of the Federal Trust in his blog “The internal contradictions of the Brexit project are unbridgeable”:

“The British side has a single aim, that of maintaining as far as possible what it sees as the advantages of being in the EU while minimizing what it sees as the disadvantages. The EU has two aims, neither of which sits easily with British aspirations. The first is to ward off harm to itself arising directly from the UK exit, be it in Ireland, in the Union’s internal finances or in the rights of EU citizens. The second aim, once this harm has been averted, is to establish a long-term economic relationship with the UK which is mutually beneficial, but which appropriately and demonstrably reflects the negative consequences of British unwillingness to accept the responsibilities of EU membership.”

Brexit has cast a big shadow over her time as Prime Minister. Her determination and perseverance should be mentioned and commended as well. She had terrible moments and great moments. The BBC has rounded up the most memorable ones in this piece.*

We wish Theresa May all the best with her next challenge, whatever that May be.

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