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Brexit Update: Calls for an Extension Get Louder

The coronavirus outbreak has a big impact on the lives of many people. Businesses are affected as well. Governments are in overdrive to keep coronavirus in their countries under control. The current situation has an effect on international relations as well. Brexit Negotiations and Coronavirus Several of the main participants of the Brexit negotiations have
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Corona Update: The Impact on Logistics and Global Trade

There is no doubt about it. The coronavirus outbreak has a huge impact on global trade and economies worldwide. Countries are closing borders, planes are grounded, and factories are shutting down. The Economic Impact The Dutch Rabobank is predicting a decline in Gross Domestic Product of 0.2% in the Netherlands, instead of the 2% growth
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Customs expertise required?

These are special times for everyone. A lot is being asked of us. Do you need extra expertise in the field of Customs during this hectic period? The specialists of Customs Support are here to help! Need support with the classification of goods? Is additional expertise required in applying for or maintaining customs authorizations? Are
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Brexit Update: Coronavirus Causes Delay in Negotiations, But No Extenstion. Yet.

Coronavirus is the main topic on everybody’s mind at the moment, citizens and country leaders alike. Some countries are in partial or even in full lockdown, while other countries have installed “social distancing” measures. This has an impact on the Brexit negotiations as well. While working from home with video conferencing is working for office
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Closure of Borders within Europe

As a result of Corona, borders within Europe close to people. This closure applies to the Netherlands from March 19 6:00 PM. This closure does not apply to goods. All border gates are closed to passengers from the following countries: Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Iran, Iraq, South Korea,
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Corona Update: Free Movement of Goods. A Thank You to Those That Enable It!

Coronavirus has a huge impact on our global society. Different countries have different levels of measures that are being taken to prevent further outbreak. Italy has taken the strongest measures, the country is in lockdown. In Europe, countries like France and Spain are also in a state of lockdown. Other countries, like the Netherlands, are
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Our actions to guarantee our services in times of Corona

Due to Corona virus, we took precautionary actions to guarantee our services to you and your company. The health of our employees and yours as a customer is very important to us. We have organized our work processes and communications via several digital solutions. That is why we have taken the following precautions: We will minimise face-to-face
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Corona Update: The Status of Ocean Freight and Airfreight

The Coronavirus started in China, and it slowed production capacity down to a stop. With the number of people recovering now higher than the number of people getting infected in China, the tide slowly seems to be turning. The factory of the world is starting up again. Ships Sailing, but Where Are the Containers? Container
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Corona Update: What Are the Consequences for Business

The Corona / COVID-19 virus has spread to over ninety countries across the world. The number of people getting infected is still rising, on the other hand, the number of people recovering from corona as well.  What Countries Are Affected Most? A few countries have been hit harder than others by the virus. The biggest
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Customs Authorities Work to Aid Foreign Trade Impacted by Corona Virus

The Chinese Customs Authority has vowed to put additional measures in place to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and to make sure foreign trade goes smoothly. Efforts will be made to further simplify customs clearance procedures, reduce inspection and quarantine fees and optimize the port business environment. It will give more support to the
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