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Export: Turkey Increases Import Restrictions Even Further

Two weeks ago the Turkish government announced that import taxes were increased on products ranging from chemicals to machinery. It was a response to the recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The government is trying to protect the country’s industrial producers. Even stricter import restrictions Turkey’s Finance Minister Berat Albayrak told representatives of the state-owned
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The Three Largest Ports in Europe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

European ports, like many other businesses, have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. In this blog, we look at the three biggest ports in Europe where our customs specialists support importers and exporters daily. Port of Rotterdam Port of Rotterdam is reporting a slightly lower number of port calls by seagoing vessels as in the
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Dutch Government: No VAT on Face Mask from May 25th Until September 1st

There will be no VAT on face masks starting May 25th. This announcement has just been made by the Dutch Government. This will be valid for all face masks, both the medical and the regular masks. State Secretary for Finance Vijlbrief told the Dutch Parliament: “We ask the people to wear non-medical face masks when
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Export: Turkey Increases Protectionist Measures

Many countries respond in a different way when it comes to the covid19 pandemic. Within the European Union, we see a focus on keeping trade lanes open and goods flowing, especially medical supplies. Turkey is taking a different route. Import Taxes Increased Fearing and facing a big recession caused by the pandemic, Turkey is trying
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Supply Chain Challenges: Medical Supplies

The whole world is affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This means that the demand for medical supplies has been higher than ever before. At the same time, global supply chains are being hampered by restrictions in air freight and ocean freight capacity due to grounded planes and blanked sailings. China Struggling to Get Supplies Shipped
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A Quarantained World. What Will the Markets Do?

With the exception of just a few countries, the whole world is in lockdown mode or slowly coming out of that. While production in other regions is still down or slowed by the lockdowns, China is getting slowly back to speed again. A Wave of Shocks Hits the Economy The global economy, and with that
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Corona Update: The Impact on the Import and Export of Fruits and Vegetables

Kevin van den Berg is a team leader at Customs Support. His department is specialized in fruits and vegetables. They support importers and exporters, for example by creating export documents and certificates. They are also the link between importers and exporters and the Customs Authority. I spoke with Kevin in response to his interview with
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The Impact of Coronavirus on Europe’s Main Ports

The effect of the coronavirus pandemic is felt across Europe. Freight volumes are starting to go down and empty containers are in the wrong place. Shippers, shipping companies, ports, everyone is impacted. Because ships take about six to eight weeks to make the trip from Asia to Europe, there was a delay in the negative
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Brexit Update: Boris Johnson Recovering, Negotiations Lagging

After 3 nights in St Thomas Hospital’s intensive care unit, Prime Minister Johnson recovered enough to be allowed to leave the hospital. He is staying at Chequers, the country retreat that UK prime ministers can use. He needs to get stronger. Currently, the expectation is that he will not return to the office for at
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Corona Update: the Impact on Import, Export, and other Customs-related Matters

Today we bring you a round-up of the main customs-related news items we came across recently when it comes to coronavirus. Germany Gives Company Temporary Financial Relief The German government is allowing companies that are affected by the corona crisis to defer their taxes, without charging interest. Under the support measures, businesses unable to pay
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Brexit Update: Calls for an Extension Get Louder

The coronavirus outbreak has a big impact on the lives of many people. Businesses are affected as well. Governments are in overdrive to keep coronavirus in their countries under control. The current situation has an effect on international relations as well. Brexit Negotiations and Coronavirus Several of the main participants of the Brexit negotiations have
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Corona Update: The Impact on Logistics and Global Trade

There is no doubt about it. The coronavirus outbreak has a huge impact on global trade and economies worldwide. Countries are closing borders, planes are grounded, and factories are shutting down. The Economic Impact The Dutch Rabobank is predicting a decline in Gross Domestic Product of 0.2% in the Netherlands, instead of the 2% growth
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