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Customs Support is the neutral and digital customs partner in Europe. A fast pacing company that stands for knowledge, customs compliance and efficient IT solutions. 

Every day more than 1000 customs specialists and 100 Brexit experts are working for our clients to arrange customs matters. Teams of specialists advise customers and solve challenges on fiscal representation and customs documents. We have extended our services with gas measurements, veterinary declarations and customs consultancy to make sure goods move through their supply chain and across borders safely, efficiently and without hassle or delay.

Customs procedures can be complex. Laws and regulations are constantly evolving and changing. Each change can have big implications for shippers. Our experts follow these changes closely and always work in accordance with the latest regulations. In order to optimise cooperation with all our customers and their relations, we invest extra in training our specialists and in technology & innovation. In this way, we can also continue to comply with the AEO conditions. For companies, these customs regulations can seem like an unfathomable jungle. Our specialists know how to find their way through this jungle.

We invest heavily in IT and digital services to offer customers a real-time overview of processes and to become the number one digital customs partner.

Our services:

Import & Export - We provide companies importing goods from third countries or exporting goods to third countries with advice on VAT, we do risk assessments, complete and check the documentation, handle the administration, assist with physical checks of the shipment, and do the actual declaration with the Customs Authority.

Transit - If goods need to be transported within the European Union without bringing them into free circulation we can create the necessary T-1 documents.

Certificate of Origin - Determining the origin of goods in international trade is a complex matter. Obtaining the correct documents of origin will ensure that goods enter the country of destination without any complications. Origin documents are usually handled and issued by the Chamber of Commerce. Our extensive knowledge and experience within this area of expertise enable us to always find the smartest solution.

Consultancy - Our highly skilled Consultants are multi-deployable and can support companies with a wide range of issues. They work as in-house declarants or manage customs departments. Others have consulting roles and can offer support when it comes to HS Codes, determination of origin or other specialist customs-related matters.

Fiscal Representation - We have the permits to offer fiscal representation to companies that want to reclaim VAT, without being registered in the Netherlands.

Gas Measurement and Degassing - Using our advanced FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) gas analysers we can measure hundreds of chemicals, substance-specific and within a few minutes. We can degass containers or our specialists can unload them with special suits and equipment.

Bonded Warehousing - Our specialists can help companies set up a bonded warehousing facility, by assisting with the request of specific permits and setting up the administration

Training and Workshops - Next to organising in house training courses and workshops to keep people in the logistics and supply chain field up to date and compliant, we also have an independent training institute with a focus on specific parts of the logistics chain: customs, safety, health, economy, environment and hazardous substances: Customs Academy.

Customs Support has over 70 offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden. Take the load off your mind!

“Our quality of work is related to our standards, doing it right when no one is looking"

Yrjo van Vuuren
Customs Consultant

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We have developed strongly in the field of sustainability in recent years. One of the most important indicators for us is our contribution as a CO2-neutral organization.

What we actually do:

Based on our Carbon Footprint, we compensate our energy consumption by planting new trees. We use E-Invoicing and have a digital archive to reduce paper consumption as much as possible. The paper we use is always provided with the FSC quality mark.

Ethical business operations

As an international service organization, ethical business operations are of paramount importance. We believe it is important that our work supports society and does not cause any damage. For this reason we do not cooperate in the transport of war material.

Stakeholder management & chain responsibility

Customs Support is an international company with a strong sense of social responsibility. We strive for a high degree of diversity of stakeholders. In addition, we ask all our partners and suppliers to what extent they are engaged in corporate social responsibility. Simply because social responsibility is a responsibility for everyone.