Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to the choices we make in our own business operations, we also support projects and events with an "impact". In the first instance, we focus on projects in which our stakeholders (employees, customers and suppliers) are involved hands-on. Appreciation and support for those who volunteer for others is crucial to support these initiatives in the long term, money alone is not enough. We are happy to contribute to this.


The money collected during the Roparun event is allocated by the Palliative Care Board to institutions, charities or projects that contribute to Roparun's mission:

"Adding life to days, where often days can no longer be added to life"
The money raised during the Roparun event is awarded to institutions, charities or projects that contribute to Roparun's motto. You can think of the design of a walk-in house, where (ex-) cancer patients and / or loved ones can meet. Vacations for people with cancer and their families so that they can create a beautiful memory, even in an unpleasant period. Workshops in hospitals where people with cancer learn to deal with external changes they get from the treatments. A great day out for sick children and their brothers or sisters, so that they don't have to think about being sick for a while. The development of 'palliative boxes', a tool for people in a terminal phase who want to stay in their own home environment. Or the design of a hospice to ensure that people can stay in pleasant surroundings during their last phase of life. For more information about Roparun's charities, visit



Amref Flying Doctors is the most important health organization in Africa.

With 60 years of experience, we reach all levels in and outside Africa, from village heads to world leaders. We are working on improving health in Africa through information, training and research. Amref is a truly African organization. 97% of our doctors and other program staff are African. We mainly work in remote areas. In addition to our aircraft, we also use innovative methods, such as e- and mLearning, to bridge distances.

For more information about AMREF FLYING DOCTORS, visit


 The Make-A-Wish Foundation International's mission is: "Fulfilling the sweetest wish of children aged 3 to 18 with a life-threatening illness to create an experience of strength and joy."

Actions by this organization focus on fulfilling specific wishes of children who are in such a difficult situation. We have enthusiastically contributed to the fulfillment of one of these wishes. Visit for more information.