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How to Prepare for Brexit? Practical Questionnaire and Tips

Act & Prepare!

Get ready for Brexit: Act now & Prepare

In the past 4 years Customs Support has informed clients and relations about the upcoming Brexit. We share our thoughts and way of working via our blogs, send out newsletters, organise webinars and set-up meetings.

To make sure clients are well prepared for Brexit we share the Brexit Analysis Questionnaire  with the data and choices that Customs Support must have received completely from (your) customers (the actual exporter and importer) before any commitment can be granted.

It is therefore very important that you transfer the necessity and urgency of receiving all data to your customers as it would otherwise not be possible for Customs Support to set up and advise the flow.

As the actual Brexit is getting closer it is of utmost importance that you act now and prepare. 

We recommend that the list be completed by the financial and / or logistics departments within your organization. The required data is an extract of a sales invoice. (the transaction between seller and buyer)

  • If customers are shipping multiple types of goods / HS codes, those customers may also supply an extract master data list from their (accounting/warehouse) system so that we can check whether additional codes and documents are required for export and import.
  • All fields from the excel analysis are required to complete to draft a flow, determine most efficient options for set up, calculate required capacity and screen customers.
  • All exporters and importers must go through the ‚Äúcustomer acceptance procedure‚ÄĚ by Customs Support ¬†as an AEO requirement to know your customer. Here the parties (exporters and importers) are screened for reliability, solvency, consignment compliance, etc.
  • Based on this screening and our analysis, we will provide feedback on the possibilities for that customer. (This can of course also be done through you as our client)
  • The Power of Attorney for Direct Representation will only be provided when Customs Support decides to serve this customer, for this reason I have not attached our PoA to this email.


Additional documents

  • In addition to the questionnaire, you will also find a Brexit document for exporters and importers containing the options/choices for shipping invoice data delivery (Column AA) with a visual explanation of the process and the impact if, for example, the invoice will be provided in PDF as a traditional way.
  • We also share¬†invoice requirement procedure of a complete and compliant invoice for your customers as a reference document to ensure that all required data is provided on the invoices or other type of delivery.



With regard to the rates for customs services, this strongly depends on the estimated workload and set-up of the process with delivery of shipment information per customer.

Based on the completed questionnaire, we can categorize the relevant customers by weight class.


How can we help you?

Please contact us if you have any questions about Brexit. We are happy to help!