Employee health & safety at warehouse workplaces

Customs Support Safety helps companies with the (periodical) monitoring of gas concentrations in the warehouse so that employees can work safely. During these measurements advanced FTIR analyzers are used which, contrary to other measuring equipment, are able to measure in a wide range and are very suitable for the monitoring of gases that are difficult to measure such as formaldehyde and ethylene oxide. All results are processed in an extensive report (in Dutch or English), in which the client is also provided with appropriate advice.

Fine dust measurements at your warehouse

Exposure to fine dust can lead to serious health damage, which often only manifests itself many years later. For this reason, particulate matter is also called a silent killer. Risky activities which may cause fine dust include welding, stone sawing, woodworking and working with insulation materials such as mineral wool but also during numerous other production processes or cleaning activities fine dust may be created.

Customs Support Safety has advanced fine particle measuring equipment at its disposal, both for real-time measurements on different particle sizes and for personal exposure measurements over 8 hours. 

Your advantages of safety measurement reports

Safety is increased by broad real-time measurements on risk substances and/or fine dust at various locations in the warehouse.
The comprehensive measurement reports form an excellent basis for your risk analysis.
ADR safety advisor

On the basis of Article of the ADR, companies involved in the transport, loading or unloading of hazardous substances must have an ADR Safety Advisor. The employment of an ADR safety adviser is not mandatory. It is also allowed to hire an external ADR Safety Advisor.

Customs Support Safety has various experienced ADR Safety Advisors on board who can expertly support and advise your company with regard to the transport, loading or unloading of dangerous goods.

The services of an ADR Safety Advisor include:

  • Preparing an annual report on hazardous substances.
  • Written reports after an accident.
  • Checking equipment and qualifications of drivers.
  • Checking transport documents and ADR goods.
  • Staff training, staff must follow a special training course directly related to their responsibilities (1.3 ADR).

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