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Now working as Customs Support Germany and Poland

The Kunow Group was founded in Helmstedt at the end of the 1940s and at that time specialized in East-West traffic because of its ideal location at the previous German/German border.

Due to the EU's eastward expansion in 2004, the Polish Agencja Celna KUNOW Trans Sp z o.o. founded in order to be able to continue to offer the services at an EU entry border.

We asked Arne Baumeister - Managing Director - to tell us more about the Kunow Group. Arne started at Kunow 10 years ago as a customs broker and has been closely associated with the company ever since. He has been leading our Polish and German activities from the beginning of 2020. In his spare time, he likes to be at the sea, to sail for instance.

Today the Kunow Group employs around 90 people, of which 65 are represented at 8 locations in Germany and 25 at five locations in Poland. All offices are located at strategically important customs points and are in close proximity to a customs office.

Kunow covers the East / West access. There was less automation these times and therefore it was necessary to be present at the border to physically handle trucks. Even to this day it is not possible to handle all customs procedures via automated tariff and local customs clearance systems, so that a physical presence at the borders represents a competitive advantage.

As it is the first east entry point to the European Union in Poland, Kunow did start to offer several services based on the requests of clients such as customs documents for importing, exporting, transport documents, veterinary and plant protection and certifications.

With the beginning of lively trade relations with the Central and Eastern European countries in the sixties, the Kunow Group became a contract partner of almost all well-known state carriers such as VEB Deutrans Berlin, Pekaes Warsaw, Sovtransavto Moscow, Cesmad Prague and Hungarocamion Budapest. Thanks to this early close cooperation, the company became the market leader in east-west traffic.

Kunow Group will keep servicing our clients in Poland and Germany. Starting from June 23rd, Kunow Group is now operating as Customs Support. The introduction of new customs software was decisive for the successful connection to the working methods and processes of the group. Thanks to the active support of experienced employees and the high level of willingness of the employees, we have succeeded in applying all processes in the new environment in a short time.

Bardo Schütz (CIO of Customs Support) says:

"We are very happy and impressed by the Kunow team, they have integrated fast and efficiently into our organisation using Microsoft 365, Azure and the Dakosy customs sofware Cloud solution. Very good job!"

Thanks and appreciation go to the colleagues in the offices for their hard work.


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