Vacature Middelbaar Gasmeetkundige

Measurement for Freight Containers: Gas Analysis & Forced Ventilation

Depending on the cargo, a wide range of evaporating production gases, sterilisation gases or added pest control gases can pose a hazard to employees. It is therefore very important to carry out broad and accurate investigations.

With our advanced FTIR analysers, we can accurately and substance-specifically measure hundreds of potential risk substances within minutes. FTIR gas analyzers identify and measure gases based on the absorption pattern of infrared light that is unique to each substance. This helps to exclude false positives (false rejections due to interfering gases). 

Goals of Customs Support Safety

At various inland terminals we have all the facilities to (force) ventilate containers that contain too much gas. We use modern (overpressure and underpressure) degassing techniques.

A container that is degassed by us is ventilated until it is collected at the terminal (for delivery to the customer). We know from experience that the gas concentrations can quickly rise again after the doors have been closed. For this reason, we advise our customers to unload the containers as soon as possible after the degassing process has been completed. From a logistical point of view, it seems interesting to carry out gas measurements and degassing upon entering the port. However, it is not safe and contrary to working conditions guidelines to unload containers on the basis of measurements carried out at a great distance from the unloading address. In this connection, Customs only accepts measurement reports that are not older than 2 hours.

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