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Brexit typed

Brexit Deal Still Uncertain

The latest news on the Brexit negotiations

Artikel Frankrijk 17-09-2020

Customs Support France is Opening a Calais Office in Preparation for Brexit

Getting ready for a big increase in customs documents

Mangos in kist

Incoterms Explained: Cost and Freight (CFR)

Learn more about what Cost and Freight (CFR) means for Seller and Buyer

Cargo Moving Through Ports - Behind the Scenes

Cargo Moving Through Ports: Behind the Scenes

Proud of our people. Proud of our new corporate video.

EU wants veto on UK laws. UK plans to overrule withdrawal agreement

Brexit: About a Veto on British Laws and the UK Overriding the Withdrawal Agreement

Negotiations harder due to steps both parties are taking

Maasvlakte 2 Maersk Line

The Port of Rotterdam Presents 5 Steps to Get Your Cargo Through Dutch Ports

Let your cargo flow through Dutch ports with minimal delays

Blue Cheese

Trade Deals Around the World: September Edition

A round-up of the latest news on Trade Deals from across the world

Workshop Douane + Brexit Expediteurs

Workshop Customs + Brexit for Shippers

The Customs + Brexit workshop has been specially developed for employees of international trade companies who carry out customs related activities on a daily basis.

Belgium customs Brexit update

Belgium Customs Prepares for Brexit

New staff, training, and upgraded systems