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Facing the Complexity of Goods Classification

The goods that you import or export must be classified correctly. Declaring your goods at customs with the wrong HS Code can lead to additional import duties or a...

Pumpkin with Bats

Foodstuffs customs: trick or treat? How to keep your supply chain sweet this Halloween.

Importing food presents a health risk, with bad shipments known to cause disease if they haven’t been prepared, treated, or checked correctly. Therefore, clearing your...

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and How it can Impact Customs Operations

 As a leading digital customs broker, we are constantly looking for new technologies and innovations and analysing potential impacts on our operations and customers. One...


Tournebize, SPTT and CPS form Customs Support France

Customs Support entered the customs brokerage market in France by welcoming three well-established French customs brokerage firms to the family: CPS, SPTT, and Tournebize...


GSP to be replaced with the Developing Countries Trading Scheme in the UK

Tariffs will be removed for 80% of Filipino-originating goods, and there will be greater flexibility for the rules of origin so that more exporters can benefit. This new...

festive - Christmas shipments

Christmas shortages expected in the UK again this year

With less than ten weeks remaining until Christmas, retailers around the UK are beginning to display festive goods in store. However, could shelves be emptier than last...

Internet of things in customs (IOT)

The Internet of Things and customs

As companies and governments work to achieve net-zero carbon, communicate more effectively, and protect people’s data, technology is rapidly advancing around the world.

Scottish Flag with the lock ness monster

Welcome to Customs Support Paisley (Glasgow)

Customs Support Paisley is our local office for Glasgow, Greenock, and other Scottish ports. Supported by over 1500+ declarants across Europe, we provide import and...

Turkey Balloons

Turkey changes its name to Türkiye

“The Republic of Turkey” has officially changed its English name to “The Republic of Türkiye” (pronounced “Tur-key-yeah”), in line with the Turkish name for the country.