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Regarding Ukraine: The Impact on Customs, Logistics, and Supply Chain Operations

Regarding Ukraine: The Impact on Customs, Logistics, and Supply Chain Operations

What is the impact of the Ukrainian situation from a customs and logistical point of view?

Meet our people: Huib

Meet Our People: Customs Support Director of International Business Development Huib van Heumen

Meet our people: Huib van Heumen, head of Customs Support's International Business Development team  

Inward processing

What is Inward Processing and What Are the Benefits?

Inward processing refers to goods imported into the EU that will be processed somehow and then shipped outside the EU again. An example of this is a product imported for...

Trade Deals Feb

Trade Deals Around the World: February 2022 Edition

Trade Deals Around the World gives you a quick overview of what has been happening in the past month


The Future of Authorised Economic Operators in The Netherlands

We foresee continued growth in the number of Authorised Economic Operators in the Netherlands, mainly due to the way that Dutch customs authorities need to focus on...

AEO in The Netherlands

AEO in The Netherlands Today

Compared to other EU countries, The Netherlands has the highest number of AEO certificates relative to the size of the country.

What types of AEO certifications are there?

What Types of Authorised Economic Operator Licences Are There?

There are four types of AEO certifications. In this post, we explain the different options of certifications.


All You Need To Know About Import Declarations For Organically Grown Products

The European Union has rules and regulations in place to determine whether products are considered to be organic. Products must conform to equivalent standards to those...

Brexit Update

Brexit Update: Companies Still Struggling With GVMS

Many companies are struggling with GVMS and asking their customs agents for help registering their shipments, which is not a customs process but a logistics process.