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The Importance of Origin from A Customs Perspective

The label says Made in China, so determining the origin for customs purposes is easy, right? Wrong! Determining the origin of your goods is much more complicated than you...

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Trade Deals Around the World: October Edition

Trade Deals Around the World is our periodic update, which gives you a quick and easy overview of what has been happening in the many trade deal negotiations worldwide. 

Waterford, Ireland

Spotlight on: Waterford

Boasting a rail connection and congestion free roads, compared to other ports, the Port of Waterford is considered “the greenest, most direct route to Europe” from...

Customs Support expands European coverage with the acquisition of M.C.S. Mediterranean Customs Services srl.

Customs Support expands European coverage with the acquisition of M.C.S. Mediterranean Customs Services srl.

With this acquisition, Customs Support strengthens its presence in Italy and emphasises the importance of having a presence in strategic locations to provide the best...

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The Benefits of Interim Customs Specialist Support

There can be different reasons for companies not to have specialists on the payroll that can keep track of all things customs related. Today’s overheated labour market...


Is it important to get Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status?

The trust mark has been adopted by traders and logistics service providers around the globe. But, how important is it for you to get AEO status?

Frits Tenge on a blue background

Meet Our People: Frits Tenge

We added many companies to our family, which means specialist knowledge is spread across the organisation...

European Day of Languages

Celebrating European Day of Languages at Customs Support

This Monday, 26th September, was the European Day of Languages, which celebrates linguistic diversity across the European Union.

Ash Taylor stood in our Felixstowe Office in front of the Customs Support Logo

Meet Our People: Ash Taylor (UK IT Manager)

Today we hear from one of our specialists in digital customs, Ash Taylor, our UK IT Manager based in Felixstowe.