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Incoterms Explained: Carriage Paid To (CPT)

When goods are bought or sold “Carriage Paid To” (CPT) it means that the Seller delivers the goods to a destination previously agreed to by the seller and the buyer. It...

Trade Deals Across the World: September Update

Trade Deals across the World: September Update

Ratification of the Mercosur Trade Deal is moving forward in Europe, albeit slowly. An EU official recently confirmed that the majority of the EU members is in favour of...

BREXIT: UK Government Preparation Document Leaked. Are You Prepared?

BREXIT: UK Gov Preparation Document Leaked

This weekend a UK Government report called Yellowhammer was leaked to The Sunday Times. The report described what the government thinks will happen in case of a No Deal...

#Brexit preparations

Brexit Preparations Checklist

The Brexit is a subject that has been discussed a lot and even more is written about the upcoming exit of Great Britain out of the European Union. We at Customs Support...

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Incoterms: What are they?

Whether you are importing or exporting goods, and whether you are a buyer or a seller, the chances are high that you will encounter Incoterms. We will explain INCOterms...

International Beer Day and Excise

International Beer Day and Excise Duty

International Beer Day was created to celebrate the deliciousness that is beer, to celebrate the men and women who brew and serve beer, and to bring the world together in...

Trade Deals Across the World: An Update

An update on the trade deals across the world

Earlier this year we already wrote on the various trade agreements that have been agreed on, or are in the works. The trade deals between the EU and Vietnam and Japan...

Exporting: The Key Elements of a Commercial Invoice

Exporting: The key elements of a commercial invoice

One of the documents you need to provide to the Customs Authority when you want to export something is a Commercial Invoice. In this blog post, we will take you through...

Customs Support Group celebrates 12.5 Years of Helping Importers and Exporters

Customs Support Group celebrates 12.5 years on the market

It is the 1st of July, which means that the Customs Support Group officially exists for 12,5 years today. Since February 1st in 2007, we have grown into an international...