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Other Documents You May Need when Exporting, Next to Import and Export Documents

Additional documents you may need when exporting goods

There are several other documents you may need, that are not customs specific.

Import Trade Documents You (May) Need When Exporting

Import Trade Documents you (may) need when exporting

In this blog, I will take you through some import related documents you might need when you want to export your products. Why? Because when you export, somebody on the...

Export Documents: Which Types Are There and When Do You Need Them?

Export Documents: Which types are there and when do you need them?

When goods are produced in an EU country, or imported and customs cleared in an EU country you need export documents to ship these goods to countries outside of the EU.

Customs Operations and the Blockchain

Customs operations and the blockchain technology

The Saudi Customs Authority has piloted the processing of a shipment with the use of blockchain technology.

Brexit: Where Can I Get an EORI Number? An Overview of all EU Customs Authorities

Brexit: How to get an EORI Number? Overview of EU Customs Authorities

An EORI number is a European Union registration and identification number for businesses that want to import or export goods into or out of the EU.

EU Extends Trade Sanctions Against Iran

EU extends trade sanctions against Iran

Because Iran is not complying with its international obligation, the EU has adopted restrictive measures against Iran.

The Risks of Using the Wrong HS-Code

What Are The Risks of Using The Wrong HS-Code

HS-Code stands for Harmonized System Code. It is developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization in Brussels. HS-Codes are used by Customs Authorities...

Benefits of an AEO certified customs agent

The benefits of an AEO certified Customs Agent

Customs Support Group is AEO Certified.
AEO stands for Authorized Economic Operator. It is a concept that has been established by the EU in 2008. The main goals are...

Brexit Preparations: How to Have a Soft Landing After a Hard Brexit

How to Land Softly Post A Hard Brexit

Customs Support Group’s Business Development Director Ton van Grinsven was a guest in the Brexitpodden Podcast, a Swedish podcast on Brexit and the EU.