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Brexit 3 - juli 2020

Brexit: UK Government advises pharma to stockpile medicine

Negotiations for the Brexit Deal, the Free Trade Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union are still not on track.

Trade Deals Around the World: August Edition

Trade Deals around the World: August Edition

Trade Deals Around the World is our monthly recurring update, which gives you a quick and easy update on what has been happening in the many trade deal negotiations going...

People working factory

What is an EORI number and why do I need one?

Everything you need to know about EORI numbers

Brexit 1 - juli 2020

Barnier: "Brexit Deal Unlikely" or "Brexit Deal is Possible"?

Barnier is giving mixed messages. Is a Brexit Deal still possible or not?

LinkedIn Brexit Poll

Customs Support Poll: Over half of companies are prepared for Brexit

In our latest poll on LinkedIn, we found that 56% of companies are ready for Brexit, while 15% states they are only partly ready. 29% has not yet prepared for Brexit.

Event: Experience the Supply Chain

Experience the Supply Chain Aftermovie 2019

Last year 350 students and 60 jobseekers took the tour to "Experience the Supply Chain".

Algemeen 1 - juli 2020

Many trade deal negotiations for the UK. What's the status?

There are around 70 trade deals that the United Kingdom was a part of as an EU member state. These 70 deals now have to be renegotiated.

Brexit 1 - juli 2020

The United Kingdom to spend 775 Million Euros on border controls

The United Kingdom will invest 775 million Euros (705 million Pounds) on new border infrastructure, to enable border checks.

Algemeen 4 - juli 2020

Incoterms 2020: What are they?

Read more about what the most current Incoterms are: Incoterms 2020