Meet Our People: Consultant Richard Loomans

Kelsey Schenk - Marketing Officer
Kelsey Schenk
Marketing Officer

In our new series #WeAreCustomsSupport, you will meet the people behind Customs Support. We value our colleagues and the work they do. Meet our people. In this series, we will interview the people that are always ready to assist you and help you import and export your goods without worries. First up is Customs Support Group Consultant Richard Loomans.

Who Are You?

Customs Support consultant Richard Loomans

“I am Richard Loomans. I was born in the south of the Netherlands in Nuth, near the city of Maastricht. I still live in the sunny south, in Heerlerheide. I’m the father of a son (14) and daughter (16). One of them joined me on one of my workdays. It was great to give her that experience and she had a lot of recommendations based on what she saw. It was interesting to hear her views on what we do. Good to get some feedback from the youth.

I’m a consultant for Customs Support Group, currently working on an assignment for Samsung’s logistics subsidiary, Samsung SDS. And when I’m not working I love to read and write. I also love running, fitness."

What Does a Typical Working Day Look Like for You?

“My day starts with coffee and then I start up my laptop. I check my e-mails, plan necessary meetings and then I try to make some calls. When I’m not in meetings at Samsung or at Customs Support Group I am busy answering the many questions I get every day from both customers and colleagues.

Meetings are usually initiated by clients who have an issue related to customs or trade compliance. I prepare the meetings, make sure I have all the information to answer their questions or present potential solutions for their issues. I assist customers with all customs processes and I make sure they compliant when it comes to their AEO license.”

So That Is What A Consultant Does?

“Yes. It is part of it. I answer questions pertaining to global trade-related matters. I also provide support with agreements with customs and tax authorities on subjects like customs valuation, export compliance and licensing. Then there are tariffs, AEO and ISO audits. These are just the things I am working on now. My job is very diverse. Next to assisting our customers, I help out colleagues that have questions in my areas of expertise as well. No day is the same.

I love working for international companies. Companies that work in many different countries. I like working with people from different cultures. Working closely together with them to solve whatever issue they have. Often you need to do more than just answer a customer’s question. Why is he asking this question? Diving deep with the customer can lead to new insights and even help customers with a problem they didn’t realize they had, or an improvement they weren’t aware of.

I try to look at the whole chain, and not at a single issue. For example, when a customer wants to know more about opening a factory in China, I not only look at the customs side of things, but I look for other options as well. Or I find a workaround when there are provisions or legislation that seems to prevent the opening of a factory. It’s great to be a real sparring partner for our customers, but also for colleagues.”

What Is One of the Biggest Challenges?

“Often there are many different solutions to the same problem. You have to get all parties aligned before you can move forward with the right solution. That’s both within our own organization as well as on the customer side. Each stakeholder has different interests. Getting alignment can be a big challenge. It also makes it very rewarding if things work out.”

Why Customs Support?

“We are a company with a long history, which means that there is a lot of knowledge and experience embedded in our organization. We work fast and we do it right. I like our independent role. We talk to our customers, but also to the customs and tax authorities. We make sure all parties are aligned, whether we propose a new solution to our customers or to the authorities. I love to be in that playing field”