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Risk Analysis for container shipping

Since hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) constitute a potential risk, the risk analysis can only be carried out by a specialised company that has the knowledge and the right measuring techniques. After all, targeted research must be carried out into the hazardous substances to which employees may be exposed (Section 4.2 of the Working Conditions Decree). Standard measurements of a few common chemical substances in containers offer only feigned safety.

Broadly verifiable FTIR analyses and a reliable database form a solid basis for risk analysis, which almost always makes it possible to quickly establish a relationship between loads and gases encountered. Categorisation of container flows and root cause analysis are part of the risk analysis.

Risk analysis can also lead to considerable cost savings by switching to random measurements of inventoried safe container flows (category C), entirely in accordance with the Health and Safety Catalogue. For more information on our risk analysis, please contact us at the following e-mail address: risicoanalyse@customssupportsafety.com.

The benefits of a professional container risk analysis

Measurements based on risk analysis offer the best protection for your employees.
Completely in accordance with the Arbo requirements.
Cost savings through random measurements in category C.


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