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Certificate of Origin

Determining the origin of goods in international trade is a complex matter. Obtaining the correct documents of origin will ensure that your goods enter the country of destination without any complications. Meaning your customer does not have to pay unnecessary import duties. In many cases, custom authorities will not levy import duties if the goods originate from a particular country. Or they will levy less than expected. Once you have received the correct invoice, we can commence. For further insight in the production process of the goods in question, it is vital to be in possession of a supplier’s declaration. If a consignment originates from different countries, we will ensure that the composite certificates of origin are requested in consultation with the Chamber of Commerce.

The different certificates of origin are:

  • CvO Export
  • EUR 1 Export certificate
  • Authorized exporter
  • EURmed
  • Authentication
  • Authorized exporter
  • ATR (only for Turkey)
  • Combi permits

Origin documents are usually handled and issued by the Chamber of Commerce. Our extensive knowledge and experience within this area of expertise, enables us to always find the smartest solution for you.