At Customs Support, the knowledge and expertise is not only in the teams of our operational departments. Our highly-skilled Consultants are multi-deployable and can support you and your organization with a broad spectrum of issues.


We divide this branch into four different parts:



Our Customs Consultants can serve you both remotely and on-site. With a broad spectrum of knowledge you can call upon our Consultant for many customs related issues. Think for example about the classification of your products. Our Consultants have knowledge of HS codes and can apply for a BTI for you. They can also determine the origin of products, non-preferential origin and preferential origin. Furthermore, the Consultants can apply for, manage and audit licences for your company. Support with audits is also possible. When an application for a permit is made, this often ends up with Consultancy. Customs Support then supports the application for these permits and besides this, it can also check the working processes and organise them "better" in order to ensure that all Customs activities are streamlined.

Sen. Consultants

Senior Consultants

Our Senior Consultants have years of experience in the Customs world. They have been active in the operation themselves and have maintained long-term contact with clients. rights The consultants advise you on complex issues in the area of Customs and Trade Compliance. You can think of process descriptions within your organisation for e.g. an AEO certification. Our senior consultants are of course aware of the anti-dumping / countervailing duties.

Customs Managers

Customs Managers

You can also deploy our Consultants as Customs Managers. They are specialists in all customs activities and can therefore perfectly manage the team and the workflow of the activities. The Consultants have knowledge of compliance and are specialised in global trade.

They can also help you with a project or as a temporary replacement. Our consultants are regularly deployed as AD Interim at our relations. The knowledge and experience in the field of customs in combination with the management skills of our consultants make them ideally suited for the job. Examples are the setting up of an own customs department or the further development or management of the compliance team.



Our Customs Declarants can offer you internal support. The Declarants are placed at your premises so that you have extra knowledge and capacity. Import, export and transit documents can be delivered on a daily basis. Of course, all these documents are processed in your own system.

If you are interested in our services or if you are looking for more information, please feel free to contact us. You can do this by using the form below or by email.

Jeffrey Havelaar
Jeffrey Havelaar
Operational Manager Consultancy