Your Customs Consultancy in Europe

The knowledge and expertise at Customs Support is not only found in the teams of our operational departments. Our highly skilled Consultants are multi-deployable and can support you and your organization with a wide range of issues.

We divide this branch into two different parts:

• Customs Declarants

Our Customs Declarants can provide internal support. The Declarants are placed in-house with your company so that you have extra knowledge and more capacity.
In this way,  import, export and transit documents can be delivered on a daily basis. Of course all these documents are processed in your own system.

• Customs Consultants

Our Customs Consultants can serve you remotely or on location. With a broad spectrum of knowledge, you can call on our Consultant for many issues. Think, for example, of classifying your products. Our Consultants have knowledge of HS codes and can apply for BTI for you. They can also determine the origin of products, non-preferential origin and preferential origin. Our Customs Consultants are of course aware of the anti-dumping / countervailing duties.

You can also use our Consultants as Customs Manager. They are specialists in all customs activities and can therefore perfectly manage the team and manage the workflow regarding the activities. The Consultants have knowledge of Compliance and are specialized in global trade.

The Consultants can also apply for, manage and audit permits for your company. Support for audits is also possible. When an application for a permit is made, it often ends up at Consultancy. Customs Support will then support you when applying for these permits and can also check work processes and set them up “better” to ensure that all customs activities run smoothly.


Jeffrey Havelaar

Operational Manager Consultancy

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