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  • Broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise

  • European-wide customs coverage

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Our experienced consultants offer you knowledge, expertise, and capacity. Meaning that, what can be a labyrinth for most organisations, is a playing field for our specialists. Our team of 25+ consultants are based across Mainland Europe and the UK allowing us to work with you onsite, remote, or hybrid. We work around your needs to allow us the time to understand your unique challenges and opportunities. We are here to discuss everything from your temporary concerns to more long-term challenges; with the objective of reducing your workload through analysis of your logistics processes and optimisation of your customs activities.

  • Objective and independent advice
  • Knowledge backed by over 40 years of practical experience.
  • Comprehensive analysis of your needs, challenges and opportunities.
  • Flexible working times and locations.
  • A growing network expanding across the globe.


Strategic customs consulting services

Customs Quick Scan

Your company and the market environment are constantly changing. To ensure that your processes are aligned with the market, it is beneficial to regularly perform a quick scan. With a quick scan, our customs experts assess your key customs activities to identify key risks and key opportunities. As a result, we provide you with recommendations and actions for potential optimisation.

Customs Compliance Program

An end-to-end compliance program ensures your operation is compliant and efficient. Within the program, your potential risks and opportunities are assessed through a comprehensive audit. Subsequently, support is provided in drafting customs policies, procedures, and manuals, combined with tailor-made training & workshops on topics within customs compliance.

Supply Chain Optimisation

We analyse your supply chain flows taking into account import, export, and transit routes and countries of application. Moreover, we identify opportunities for optimising the logistical movement of goods and storage while complying with customs rules and procedures, propose scenarios to reduce barriers to your supply chain network, and check the potential impact on customs duties.

Brexit Support

Our consultants support in preparing and guiding your company during post-Brexit. This includes advisory on key customs aspects to better understand the opportunities, complexities, and challenges of Brexit and monitoring potential impact on your business.

Customs Support offers end-to-end customs services in multiple countries: fast, accurate and compliant

Fast and accurate

Fast and accurate

We offer you a full-service offering with fast and accurate customs in multiple countries

Strict compliance

Strict compliance

We make sure you are compliant with regulations to mitigate customs-related risk and exposure

Qualified professionals

Qualified professionals

Our highly skilled professionals offer customs expert advice to optimise your duty management and help you save costs

Online and real-time control

Online and real-time

We offer real-time compliance and finance dashboards to manage your customer portfolio

EU-wide coverage

EU-wide coverage

We have offices in multiple European countries, but thanks to our network of trusted partners we have EU-wide coverage

Innovation & digitalisation

Innovation & digitalisation

We use advanced IT-tools for customs declarations and customs data exchange

Our clients

Europe Consulting

Consultancy locations

Customs Support Consultancy is represented in various European countries with in-house consulting teams. We also work closely together with external experts and consulting partners. Customs Support is directly active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Italy to support international customers. Always combining our knowledge and expertise across the European Union to provide support on a regional, national and European level. In addition, we ensure that our clients have a single point of contact for questions regarding customs advice in different countries, so that communication is clear and the client has a complete picture.

Operational customs consulting services

Goods classification

How you classify your goods from a customs point of view is an important part of customs compliance. Failing to correctly classify your goods using the incorrect HS code, can have a major financial impact on your business and relations with the customs authorities. Our specialists review the customs classification codes you are using and advise on the duties involved.

AEO certification

Having an AEO status can provide several benefits for your organisation such as for example being recognised as a safe and secure partner in the supply chain. At the same time, meeting the AEO requirements ensures your business is compliant and in control. Our consultancy team guides you through the process, communicates with customs authorities and answers all questions you have related to acquiring and maintaining an AEO certification.  

Origin determination

The origin of a product plays a significant role when you think of importing and exporting  goods. Determining the origin can be rather complex and it might impact customs duties. To define the right country of origin for your products, knowledge of a specialist might be needed.  Our customs consultants look at your specific situation, analyse the goods flow and determine whether a product meets the rules of origin.

Requests of customs permits

The Union Customs Code (DWU) contains several special procedures that aim to reduce the administrative burden of customs supervision and thus ensuring an undisturbed supply chain. There are different permits a company can apply for, such as AEO, Customs/ Bonded warehouse, and Inwards Processing (IP) which require a good administration. We can support you with acquiring these permits and setting up processes around them.

Interim customs resources

Global and fast-growing companies that are faced for the first time with customs laws, often get lost in the web of customs rules, requirements, and regulations. Being in control seems to be next to impossible due to the lack of knowledge and time within the current staff. An interim professional with broad experience and knowledge can be a solution. We solve your challenges and guarantee your business continuity without extra workload on the current staff.

Digital connections

Digital connectivity reduces tremendously your manual effort for entering data, prevents errors, and provides full visibility on the status of your customs data. Entering the digital world of customs handling, we advise and support you operationally in setting up digital interfacing with customs software to have a transparent and efficient customs operation.

Customs education and staff training

The customs world is constantly changing, laws and regulations change, and employees come and go. It is very important to ensure that your people are up-to-date in customs-related matters and have the correct and the most current knowledge. We offer standard and customised training and education for your staff on different customs-related topics. 


Customs subscription/ Help desk

We offer ongoing advice on customs matters on an ad hoc basis or in the form of a monthly subscription. Our customs consultants answer your questions by phone, Microsoft teams, or e-mail at any time when you need urgent advice or support, for example about HS codes, BTI, import and export flows, Brexit, or any permits processes.


What customers say about us

Customs Support provides DHL Parcel with the customs and expertise for projects in which we improve our solutions from and to the EU. Professionalism and knowledge are two important aspects in the collaboration with Customs Support.

Maurice Saes
Director International Networks at DHL Parcel Benelux

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