Customs education & staff training

Customs education & staff training

One of the components of our consulting portfolio is Customs Education and Training. The logistics world is constantly changing. Laws and regulations change and within logistics companies, employees come and go. It is therefore important to ensure that employees are up to date and have the correct and current knowledge.
On this page, you can read what we as Customs Support Consulting can do for you and your employees. 

Your employees are your most important asset. They keep the organization running and ensure an optimal logistic flow. Knowledge of matters is essential.
The level of knowledge must be kept up to date. Especially in the complex and changing world of customs, it is good to train and educate employees. On the one hand, this is good for the personal development of the employee and on the other hand, it is good for the stability of your company.

Within our portfolio, we distinguish between standard training courses and tailor-made training courses. The standard modules start at the basis of customs with an awareness training and continue via the import & export process to the complex licenses.

If there are any special needs, you can also opt for a tailor-made training course. As an example, the following standard training modules can be provided:

  • Module 1: Basic Customs Training: overall customs awareness and understanding of customs, trade agreements, harmonized system (HS-codes) & incoterms, import & export procedures
  • Module 2: Import procedures / import requirements: clearance procedures, transporting goods, permits, compliance & legislations
  • Module 3: Export procedures / export requirements: clearance procedures, permits, compliance & legislations, 
  • Module 4: Transit procedures
  • Module 5: Preferential origin: supplier declaration, certificate of origin, EUR1, issuing preference papers
  • Module 6: Customs valuation
  • Module 7: AEO Certification
  • Module 8: Special procedures (e.g. Bonded Warehouse, IPR, end-use license)