Customs Support Fresh

Formerly known as Freshport Schiphol

Customs Support Fresh has been set up at Schiphol to ensure full grip in the chain of perishables and to further strengthen the position of Amsterdam and the airport Schiphol in perishables and live animals that are to be shipped to the European Union.

What to consider when shipping perishable goods?

The increasing regulation of European Veterinarian Authorities, including HACCP regulations, require optimal standards in facilities and processes. The Customs Support Fresh facility is state-of-the-art, complying to the latest regulations.

Being a commercial organization with handling and inspection as to its core business, we will offer partnerships to all specialized parties in the industry. With a dedicated team of true professionals, we know how important lead times and cooling is for our partners.

Through the design of our facility and the close cooperation with ground handling companies, airlines, the Veterinarian Authorities, forwarders and importers, we will deliver the high standard service required in the industry.

Customs Support Fresh services offer

  • Perishables for human consumption, i.e. fish and meat
  • Perishables not for human consumption, e.g. vaccines or bull semen
  • Ornamental fish
  • Vegetables and flowers

Besides swift handling and EU-inspection facilities for these 4 categories.

Additional services for your perishable freight

  • Cool/frozen storage
  • Sorting
  • Distribution
  • Quality Control

With highly automated cool and frozen storage facilities, where the temperature is set at the desired range, constantly monitored and captured, we can offer failure proof cool facilities.

Fish II

How does Customs Support Fresh work?

Before the arrival of your shipment, you can apply for an inspection. There are multiple ways to apply: By email, by phone or via this contact form.

After your application, Customs Support Fresh will make sure your request gets handled. Want to know how please read here. Our general conditions can be found here.


The Nekovri conditions also apply to all our handlings. You can find the conditions here on the right. Please note that these conditions are in Dutch.