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Customs Support Safety has specialized in the problem of gases in sea containers, trucks and warehouses. Our current services include gas measurements, forced ventilation of shipping containers, unloading containers & trucks with independent breathing air, risk analysis, fine dust measurements, advice and training and acting as an external safety advisor ADR.

Customs Support Safety is the partner for quick and reliable gas measurements. We are transparent and provide all our customers with excellent service. We only work with the most advanced measuring technique (GasMet FTIR) and are at the forefront of this. By continuously innovating, we now offer national coverage and we work completely digitally.

Customs Support Safety is ready for the future!

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Goals of Customs Support Safety

The mission of Customs Support Safety is to make companies aware of the dangers of gases in enclosed spaces and other workplaces and to ensure a safe working environment.

The vision of Customs Support Safety is to provide tailor-made solutions for the dangers which may arise due to evaporating gases in the various working environments. A gas measurement must be reliable and controllable. Our real-time FTIR measurements on hundreds of risk substances are reliable, reproducible and never false positive, so no wrongly rejected containers. Our system of risk-based measurements is transparent and cost-effective, as the measurement frequency in inventoried container streams can be drastically reduced. This is much safer and cheaper than a (limited) measurement of a few gases on all incoming sea containers.

We are specialised like no other in national and international regulations on gases and dangerous substances. The health of your employees is in good hands with us.


Our Customs Safety Services

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Risico Analyse

Gas analysis & Forced Ventilation in Containers

Companies that receive import containers must, pursuant to the Working Conditions Decree (Working Conditions Decree article 3.5g - Danger of suffocation, intoxication, poisoning, fire or explosion), investigate whether employees could be exposed to dangerous gases while unloading containers. This obviously applies not only to entering shipping containers, but also to other confined spaces such as a tank or ship's hold.

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Container Risk Analysis

Companies that receive shipping containers are obliged to carry out a risk analysis, which primarily involves investigating which hazardous substances employees may be exposed to during unloading. Shipping containers often contain evaporating production gases or added pesticides.

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Customs Health & Safety

Evaporation is not only possible in sea containers and trucks. The evaporation process continues during the storage of goods in the warehouse. Evaporating formaldehyde, from glued pallets, and ethylene oxide, from sterilised medical goods, are examples of gases that often occur in warehouses.

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Customs Safety Training & Consultancy

The employer is responsible for the occupational health and safety policy. In the event of an accident as a result of a failing health and safety policy, the employer will be called to account. We regularly organise informal information sessions, over a sandwich and a cup of coffee, during which we explain how to work safely with gases in containers, lorries and warehouses. The legal measures that companies have to take are central to this.

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Value-Added Services

In the following cases, it may be necessary to unload containers or trucks containing too much gas, using personal protective equipment:

  • The degassing process is too slow or unsuccessful.
  • The customer wants the goods to be available immediately (urgent shipment).
  • Handling of products sterilised with ethylene oxide.

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