Digital Connections

Digital Connections

Customs Support has been heavily investing in IT solutions to help its customers achieving their digitalization goals.

Nowadays, we can process a variety of message types, make calculations, add a pre-defined logic to a dataset. Of course, also all relative security checks are in place as well.

Our consultants are the ‘bridge’ between your (customs & logistics) operations and IT departments. They translate the needs and requirements from the warehouse to the IT-helpdesk, propose end to end solutions, and additional possibilities where somebody else only noticed obstacles.

We believe in a stronger, faster and more efficient logistical chain by using all available technologies.

Key benefits in digitizing your customs data and data communications are speed and reliability.


  • A multiplicity of datasets or large datasets require seconds rather than hours to be processed by computers instead of human beings.
  • Not only a one-way traffic of messages is possible, but also return messages can be sent to multiple parties in a blink of an eye.
  • Needless to mention, time costs money



  • People have a lot of capabilities. Some capabilities are typical human and are hard to be replaced by machines. However, reproducing data isn’t one of those human skills. Every time a number or data element has to be manually copied, written or typed, there’s a chance of having a mistake made. Even a small mistake, like using a dot instead of a comma, can have a huge impact.
  • By digitizing these tasks, your business can thrive without those inconveniences inevitably resulting from those errors

More importantly, your employees can fully focus on what they do best and your business can thrive without those inconveniences