Gas Analysis

Gas Analysis & Measurement for Freight Containers

According to the Working Conditions Regulations, recipients of shipping containers are required to carry out a risk assessment to determine whether employees may be exposed to dangerous chemicals when opening or unloading shipping containers.

Depending on the cargo, a wide range of evaporating production chemicals, sterilants, and fumigants potentially pose a serious threat to the employees. For this reason, extensive measurements are required to assess the risks.

Using our advanced FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) gas analysers we can measure hundreds of chemicals, substance-specific and within a few minutes. FTIR gas analysers identify and measure gaseous compounds by their absorbance of infrared light. Every molecular structure produces a unique spectrum when exposed to infrared light. False-positive results, which will lead to unnecessary rejections and extra costs, can be eliminated by spectrum comparison.

Forced ventilation (degassing)

At the container terminals in Wanssum, Venlo, Roermond, and Born we have all the facilities required to force-ventilate containers that contain too much gas. We make use of modern high-pressure or negative-pressure degassing systems.

A container that is degassed by Customs Support Gas Analyses is force-ventilated until the moment it is picked up at the terminal to be delivered to the client. We offer this extra service free of charge, because we know that the gas concentrations will increase quickly after the degassing process is terminated. For that reason we advise our clients to unload previously degassed containers as quickly as possible after the degassing process is stopped. From a logistics point of view it might appear logical to carry out  measuring and degassing activities at the port of entry in the Netherlands. However, it is not safe and conflicts with the health and safety regulations for unloading containers on the basis of measurements that are carried out at long distance from the unloading address. With regard to container measurement reports, Dutch custom officers apply a maximum validity period of two hours.