Interim Customs Resources

Interim Customs Resources

Companies operating worldwide that are growing or are faced with first time customs laws often get lost in the web of customs rules requirements and regulations. 
Often there is little or no experience within a company to face this challenging environment lots of times reacting afterwards to customs requirements when written or verbal warnings accompanied by fines arrive. 
Being in control seems to be next to impossible simply by the lack of knowledge and time within current staff.

Customs is not only there to collect money and to control companies but also sees to it that the EU and its citizens is protected and that safety gets practiced in ports and for products reaching the EU from 3rd countries.
Most companies are not aware that by protecting the EU it means also that customs see to it that the position of EU companies is protected by various numbers of benefits granted when complying with regulations and acquiring economic customs licenses.
For example The Netherlands are a typical manufacturer of Vessels and Bikes, various customs licenses apply and can change a company’s business case.   

International trade means in day-to-day business not only dealing with different payment moral and behavioral culture but also a surplus of requirements to fulfill in order to keep trading with 3rd countries.
Why wait till goods get blocked at port or a client refuses to continue dealing with you due to hiccups in the supply chain, simply because time and knowledge is lacking within current staff.

Here is where an Interim professional can be the key to success with his experience and knowledge, short term issues can be resolved and continuity can be guaranteed without putting extra workload on the current staff.
He can do supply chain optimalisations by work instructions and SOP’s, train people and help in setting up a Customs Department. 
Also with a helicopter view he can assess risks and points for improvement, current management can level with this professional in order to gain more expertise and get more support base within the own organization.

What are your advantages of interim management? 

  • Knowledge available on short term inhouse.
  • Time saving by single sourcing with this professional and the organization behind him.
  • Daily processes are not being disrupted, employees do not get extra workload but get support. 
  • Stakeholders are more effective by being backed up inhouse with knowledge and expertise.
  • Extra layer of customs expertise without investing upfront in sourcing and training employees.

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