Customs Support is active in various countries within the European Union. Thanks to these locations and our partners, we can serve you very well within Europe.

We are your neutral customs partner and are happy to take over your customs activities. You can contact the country where your company is located. Our experts can then help you with compiling a wish list and build a sustainable partnership with you.

Brexit Support Consulting

Support in preparing your company for transition the period and post-Brexit. This includes advisory on key customs aspects to better understand the opportunities, complexities and challenges of Brexit and monitoring potential impact on your business.

Supply Chain Optimisation

We analyse supply chain flows taking into account import, export and transit routes and countries of application, identify opportunities for optimising the logistical movement of goods and storage while complying with customs rules and procedures, propose scenarios to reduce barriers to your supply chain network and check the potential impact on customs duties.

Customs Assessments/Audits

To be in control of your organisation, business processes must run smoothly. When your company is in control, so are you. With confidence in processes, you get more time for other, more important matters. Your company and the market in which you operate are constantly changing. This means that you regularly have to adjust processes and important matters.

Customs Compliance Program

An end-to-end programme ensures that your customs operation is compliant and efficient. Within the programme, your potential risks and opportunities are assessed through a comprehensive audit, including a detailed examination of the customs processes, technology and organisation. Subsequently, support is provided in drafting customs policies, procedures and manuals, combined with tailor-made trainings & workshops on topics within customs compliance.

Import Services

If you would like to transport goods from a third country to within the European Union, Customs Support is there for you. We can support your company in several aspects of this process.

Export Services

When goods have to be transported from the European Union to a third country, documents are also required. Customs Support can also assist you in this.

Transit Services

When not yet released goods have to be transported within the European Union, we use T-1 documents. In this case Customs Support can assist you as well.

Certificate of Origin

Certificate of origin: Pay less in import duties by arranging the certificates of origin accordingly