3D Printer

3D Printing: The Future of Trade?

The manufacture of plastic goods has become more available since the development of 3D printers. Where you previously needed to design, test and use moulds in a factory...

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and How it can Impact Customs Operations

 As a leading digital customs broker, we are constantly looking for new technologies and innovations and analysing potential impacts on our operations and customers. One...

Internet of things in customs (IOT)

The Internet of Things and customs

As companies and governments work to achieve net-zero carbon, communicate more effectively, and protect people’s data, technology is rapidly advancing around the world.

Level Up platform image

The Digital Frontier: A UK Perspective on 'Levelling-Up' Customs

The UK is investing in its systems and infrastructure at an unprecedented rate, and the digitalisation of your supply chain is now more important than ever. But, where...

Blue Circuit Board

Will freeports open the doors to new technology in the UK?

Following Brexit, the UK announced the creation of eight freeports to open trade opportunities, provide jobs, encourage innovation, and boost the economy in the aftermath...


The eCMR. Another step toward digitalising supply chains

A CMR waybill contains all the relevant information about a road freight shipment. It is the agreement between the shipper, the carrier, and the receiver. It regulates...

Container ships at Port of Antwerp

Port of Antwerp Goes Live with Certified Pick up

We are a supporter of digitalization of as many import and export processes as possible. Read more about Port of Antwerp Goes Live with Certified Pick up