Value Added Services for customs physical inspection

Medical goods sterilised with ethylene oxide can be stored and ventilated in our ventilation warehouse. If required, we can also remove the foil, which speeds up the degassing process.  

We offer these possibilities in our own ventilated warehouse in Venlo.

Gas measurement prior to a physical customs control (Fyco Control)

Customs requires a gas measurement to be carried out immediately prior to a physical inspection. We are happy to perform these measurements for you throughout the Netherlands.

Assistance during physical customs control (Fyco Control)

Customs will not carry out the physical check if containers contain too much gas. In many cases, customs can still safely carry out the check through our services This allows the customer to dispose of the goods quickly (after degassing). If necessary, we can unload the container partially (with personal protection equipment). It is also possible that we open the packaging of the goods to be picked up and carry out additional measurements in products, before customs carries out the physical inspection (custom work).

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