Vacature declarant

All-round declarant

Working at Customs Support is working in a dynamic environment. With colleagues in different offices you will work on high quality services in the field of customs handling for demanding international working customers.

For these customers you are the indispensable link in the international goods flow. Without proper customs clearance, customers will not be able to dispose of their goods on time.

What do we ask of you?
First of all, we expect a professional service-oriented attitude. This is a requirement in order to be able to serve our customers well. In addition, we expect affinity and/or experience with customs work.

Finally, we ask you to develop yourself. By means of training and keeping up with developments in your field of expertise, you will be the support and source of support for our customers in the field of customs clearance. Of course we facilitate this training and education. Moreover, we reward you with a very good benefits package.

In this position he or she has the following tasks:

Handling customs formalities:

  • Processing customs declarations in accordance with legislation and regulations.
  • Processing all customs declarations for (cross-border) transport in accordance with statutory regulations and, if necessary, collecting additional customs and fiscal information for this purpose.
  • Drawing up dossier instructions for handling import/export transactions and related documents and collaborates with other operational departments for this purpose.
  • Identify irregularities in the field of customs and report these to the manager.
  • Offering customs documents to Customs for inspection.
  • Maintaining contact with Customs in the area of requests relating to obtaining special tariff import duties and other tax-related matters.
  • Submitting notices of objection, requesting BTI (Binding Tariff Information) and clarifications and carrying out any other correspondence with Customs that may occur.
  • Draw up petitions after consultation with the manager and submit them to Customs with motivation (e.g. with regard to restitution, exemptions and errors).
  • Carrying out administrative work:
  • Processing monthly/quarterly declarations relating to limited fiscal representation.
  • Process legal supplements in manuals.
  • Keeping records of customs formalities in a computerised system.
  • Informing customers and internal stakeholders:
  • Answering questions from customers and advising them on operational customs matters.
  • Provide instructions to internal stakeholders on topics related to changes in customs and tax legislation.
  • Act as internal (and possibly external) contact point for customs formalities.

Interested in applying?
If you would like to apply for a job or would like more information, please contact us:

Jaylene Matser
Corporate Recruiter

Phone number: 010-7988300


When you want to apply directly, please fill in this form.

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