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A Snapshot of Trump’s Trade Disputes

Earlier this week we published the latest edition of our monthly overview of trade agreements. The United States doesn’t only sign trade agreements, they also have a lot of trade disputes. The number of disputes seems to have gone up after Trump took office. The New York Times posted a great overview of his current
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Trade Deals Across the World: December Update

Another overview of trade deals in the news the past month. You can read last month’s update here. The World’s Biggest Trade Deal, but Without India The largest trade deal in the world is being negotiated in Asia. China has joined the 14 countries that have already agreed on the terms, but India has now
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Brexit Update: A Loss for Johnson Can Lead to Two Exit-Referenda

Until recently the upcoming general election in the United Kingdom wasn’t that exciting. Johnson was lumbering towards a win, and towards a Brexit too. Until recently, because the battle is heating up and Johnson’s main opponent, Jeremy Corbyn seems to be getting stronger by the day. The 100K Poll A very large poll was done
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Incoterms Explained: Delivery at Place (DAP)

When goods are bought or sold “Delivery at Place” (DAP) it means that the Seller delivers the goods to a place previously agreed to by the seller and the buyer. This can be any location. The agreed place of delivery (e.g. the terminal) needs to be specifically named. The buyer then takes care of the
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Brexit Update: Johnson Promises Brexit Vote Christmas Present

The Conservative Party has launched its manifesto for the General Election which will be held on December 12. At the launch event for the manifesto, Boris Johnson promised voters a new vote for his Brexit deal in Parliament. He repeated his promise to get Brexit done before the end of the latest deadline: January 31st.
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Brexit Update: The First Big Election Debate

Earlier this week on Tuesday there was another noteworthy moment in the Brexit saga. There was a debate on Brittish television between Corbyn and Johnson, the two biggest contenders in the upcoming general election in the UK. The newspapers agree on one thing: it was not a game-changing debate. Below are some of the highlights
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Brexit Update: Customs Checks between NI and GB. EU and Johnson Disagree

At an event in Northern Ireland Boris Johnson has confirmed multiple times that there will be no customs checks between Northern Ireland and Great Brittain. Johnson wants trade between Northern Ireland and Great Brittain to flow without hindrance or delay. That Was Not the Deal Johnson’s remarks contradict the Withdrawal Agreement he has agreed with
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EU Council Agrees on Modernized Framework for Excise Goods

What Are Excise Goods? Excise goods are goods containing alcohol, tobacco products, and mineral oil. When you import, sell or use excisable goods in the EU you have to pay excise duty. Since 2008 the EU member states have harmonized the excise duties within the EU, although there still are some country-specific rules. There are
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Brexit Update: Brexit Party Joins the Leave Alliance

Just last week we updated you on the positions of the largest and most important parties in the upcoming elections. One of these parties is the Brexit Party, which is headed by hardcore no-deal-brexiteer Nigel Farrage. The Same Difference Boris Johnson’s Conservatives and Farrage’s Brexit Party, in essence, want the same. They want to leave
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Brexit Update: Elections, Brexit Promises, and EU Warnings

We have been going around and around when it comes to Brexit. The new general elections in the United Kingdom will be on December 12 and the merry-go-round that is Brexit will be one of the main themes. All parties are promising the voters an end to the Brexit wait. A look at who’s promising
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Incoterms Explained: Delivery at Terminal (DAT)

When goods are bought or sold “Delivery at Terminal” (DAT) it means that the Seller delivers the goods to a terminal at destination previously agreed to by the seller and the buyer. This can also be a road transportation hub or a quay. The agreed place of delivery (e.g. the terminal) needs to be specifically
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Trade Deals Across the World: November Update

The past month has been extremely busy when it comes to Brexit news. But there was more happening in the world of global trade. Same as last month: an update on free trade agreements that were signed, negotiated, or announced. The UK with the United States There have been talks between the UK and the
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