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Customs Support Group is your partner for exporting goods within and outside of the EU

Once you have received the correct sales invoice, we can ensure that your goods will be exported properly. Whether it is livestock, food or non-food: we can provide the necessary assistance.

On the basis of this sales invoice, the specialist is able to classify the goods with the correct HS code. The country of destination must also receive a document of origin for the goods that will be imported. We can of course provide the necessary assistance during the application process for the document of origin.

Should your goods be subject to a physical export inspection, let us coordinate this inspection for you and provide further advice.

Once you can show that your goods have left the EU, the ‘confirmation of exit’ will follow. You will then fall under the null rate for VAT as an exporter. To make this definite, we work together with AGS exports in order to make a report in the ECS of the European Customs Services.

For ECS, three notifications are required:

  • the export declaration;
  • the arrival declaration;
  • the exit declaration.

If these declarations are correct, then the export transaction will be complete. After the exit declaration, Customs Support sends a message to the person in possession of the export declaration. This means that the goods have been loaded into the container and have actually left the EU. You are now exempt from VAT.

An export declaration will precede exporting goods to countries outside of the EU. At Customs Support Group, we go through the entire checklist with you, and together we will ensure that your goods are exported correctly.


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