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Coordination PB, KCB and VWA

Goods from the food and livestock segment must be inspected before they are imported.

The registration of these products is conducted by various inspection services, for example the KCB, PD and/or VWA. The registration process must be completed electronically. It is vitally important that all documents that are legally required are submitted.

With many years of experience and the necessary infrastructure to process these registrations, we can ensure that all documents will be in the right place at the right time. On top of that, we work closely together with the inspection stations to ensure the process is conducted most efficienty.

Intra-community transaction

When trading between companies in different EU Member States, ‘Intra-community transactions’ (ICT) take place. We are well aware that every situation regarding imports and the associated VAT flows is different.

When you consult us for advice on intra-community transactions, you will almost always make use of fiscal representation. We are able to provide all the necessary information regarding this process, and can assist where necessary.

The goods that have been declared on the sales invoices, which have also been provided to us, should be listed on the Intrastat Invoice. These invoices form the basis of preparing the declaration.

In addition, when exporting goods or shipping to the Dutch Tax Service, a VAT declaration and the declaration for statistics is required.

These declarations are created on the basis of your sales invoices. These three legally required declarations can be completed for you by us on a monthly basis.

A customized solution will further help you find the right solution for your specific flow of goods.

Contact one of our specialists directly.

Feel free to contact one of our experts directly. We are glad to be of service and will provide a suitable solution for each case.