Fiscal Representation

Fiscal representation helps entrepreneurs optimise their cashflow. Our certified professionals are here to support you with our fiscal advice. We are a full-service customs expert offering:

Up-to-date fiscal advice and knowledge
Qualified professionals minimize your compliance risks such as delays and audits
Go to partner for both customs and VAT administration

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Custom Support's Jens Stevens
Jens Stevens
Senior Customs Consultant
Your Fiscal Representation

Did you know that you can utilise Fiscal Representation from Customs Support in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany? But why should you take us up on this opportunity? Read more about the advantages of having Customs Support as your fiscal representation provider.

Fast and Accurate

Your VAT administration is processed fast and with the care it requires.


You can rely on us to keep your fiscal activities compliant to minimise risks of delays and audits.

Qualified Professionals

Expert advice from fiscal experts who know both your industry and business.

Optimised Cashflow

With our Fiscal Representation you can import goods, without impact on your cashflow.

Fiscal Representation | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Fiscal Representation?

A Fiscal Representative is a tax registered company who acts in your behalf taking care of your administrative obligations, managing VAT affairs while dealing with the tax authorities. We provide the VAT administration and provide the tax declaration for your organisation.

What can Customs Support offer?

Customs Support has specific permits to act as Fiscal Representative. This way, Customs and VAT can be handled by one party. This is efficient and increases control and compliance.

What does fiscal representation deliver?

  • Reverse charge of VAT on import, financing advantage
  • No VAT number registration for foreign entrepreneurs
  • No administrative hassle for the foreign entrepreneur

What information is required?

There are two forms of fiscal representation: limited and general representation. Customs Support can offer both forms. Which form is suitable and which information is required depends on the activities the foreign company wants to perform in Germany.

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