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Customs Support Safety in the Netherlands offers end-to-end safety services from container risk analysis to handling dangerous gasses in warehouses, containers, and other poorly ventilated areas. We have a wide network of locations to ensure that you always have our service within reach. Our services will save you time and resources by supporting you with:

High-quality gas measurements and trade safety solutions
The most advanced measuring technology and a digitalized approach to customs security
Experienced customs safety specialists

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Empowering your customs safety 

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Rob Gielen
Rob Gielen
Head of Customs Support Safety
What Can We Offer?

Customs Support Safety provides a full set of services for your customs safety needs considering your unique situation and safety challenges.

The mission of Customs Support Safety is to make companies aware of the dangers of gases in enclosed spaces and other workplaces and to ensure a safe working environment.


National coverage in gas analysis

Years of experience
Containers made safe
Certified experts
Inland terminals
Logistic hotspots

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