Container Risk Analysis

Our Safety team in the Netherlands has the knowledge and the right measuring techniques to carry out a container risk analysis on your inbound shipping containers which often contain evaporating production gases or added pesticides.

Usage of advanced measuring equipment - e.g. FTIR gas analyzer
In-depth root cause analysis of your inbound container flows
Considerable time and cost-savings

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Rob Gielen
Rob Gielen
Head of Customs Support Safety

Your Partner for Container Risk Analysis

As a company, you are obliged to investigate which hazardous substances employees may be exposed to during unloading.

A container risk analysis can only be carried out by a specialised company that has the knowledge and the right measuring techniques, since hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) constitute a potential risk. At Customs Support we use advanced measuring equipment to make this process fast and cost efficient. Get in touch and learn how we can support you!

Container Risk Analysis | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I perform a container risk analysis?

It is your obligation to carry out an investigation into the possible presence of hazardous substances to which employees may be exposed based on section 4.2 of the Working Conditions Decree. Standard measurements of a few common chemical substances in containers offer only feigned safety and are as such not recommended.

What can be the advantage of a container risk analysis?

A solid basis for a container risk analysis is a broadly verifiable FTIR analyses and a reliable database. This allows us to quickly establish a relationship between loads and the encountered gases. As such, we can categorise your container flows and perform some root causes analysis. Consequently, considerable cost savings can be made by switching to random measurements of inventoried safe container flows. This is of course in accordance with the Health and Safety Catalogue.

What is a FTIR analyzer?

FTIR stands for Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy, and it is used by Customs Support Safety. It is a powerful gas measurement technology for simultaneous measurements of multiple gases. The ability to detect and measure almost any gas, combined with the robustness and reliability of the technology, makes FTIR ideal for a wide variety of applications.

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