Acquisition of iZD Group Strengthens Presence in Germany

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Customs Support, the leading provider of customs services, is proud to announce the acquisition of iZD Group, a neutral customs clearance agent based in Southern Germany. This transaction is part of Customs Support’s strategy to strengthen its presence in the region.

About iZD Group

iZD Group, consisting of iZD GmbH and iZS GmbH, was founded in 2000 and is the industry leading carrier-independent customs clearance agent in Germany, offering additional expertise within customs services in Switzerland. Furthermore, they provide specialised software solutions, training, and consulting services in the customs domain.

iZD GmbH have dedicated themselves to optimising the digital landscape and simplifying the customs clearance process for their clients. This shared goal of digitalisation, as well as company values and culture, paves the way for greater efficiency, innovation, and enhanced service delivery, making this new partnership with Customs Support Group a perfect fit.

Along with their customs clearance services, iZD Group offer a wide variety of in-house and online training sessions through iZS GmbH, covering an extensive range of topics from a refresher of basic customs knowledge to more specific topics such as AEO. Their in-house sessions see several hundreds of participants attending every year, and the numbers are always increasing!

Over their 23 years of service, iZD Group have also devoted time to preparing for this new digital age that we are currently in. Their customs software makes the digitalisation easy for the client, having Modular Internet platforms and in-house solutions designed to meet the clients’ needs. Customs Support Group is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service and the acquisition of iZD Group is a testament to that commitment. With the addition of iZD Group, Customs Support Group is now better positioned to serve its customers in Germany and the surrounding regions.

‘’For many years, we have also been active with a branch in Switzerland, and together with Customs Support, we aim to continue providing high-quality services within the industry.’’

Gerd Strobel – Company owner 

 ‘’We are adept at both qualitative and quantitative growth, and hence, we aim to reinforce this collaboration further with the Customs Support Group moving forward.’’

Claudia Strobel - Company owner

“We are thrilled to have iZD Group join the Customs Support Group in Germany, which marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to expanding our European presence. With the addition of iZD Group, we will be able to continue to empower our clients in Germany and beyond with an even greater level of expertise and resources. We look forward to the journey ahead, where we will continue to provide the highest quality services to our clients and facilitate seamless international trade.”

Frank Weermeijer – CEO Customs Support

About Customs Support Group

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Customs Support Group is Europe’s leading independent, digital, and neutral provider of customs service’s employing nearly 2,000 dedicated customs professionals, serving over 30,000 customers annually. Through our extensive service offering and digital capability, we consistently support our customers in maximising regulatory compliance, achieving operational efficiencies, import duty optimisation, duty planning, and ongoing development for a constantly shifting customs landscape.

In addition to traditional brokerage and digital services, Customs Support Group offers customs consulting and gas measurement services.

The company is currently active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and Spain. In Europe, Customs Support Group serves many cross-border clients in several industries such as automotive, food and beverage, manufacturing and many more. Customs Support Group is the number one digital customs agent and invests substantially in the digitalisation of the customs processes.

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