Cargo Moving Through Ports: Behind the scenes


Our people enable our customers’ flow of goods coming into the European Union and leaving it. We work behind the scenes and often out of sight. We work from our offices and in customer locations. We can be found at seaports, airports, container terminals, and at any other location where the Customs Authority wants to inspect our customers’ shipments.

We have been growing fast over the past years to an organization with more than 400 customs experts with a wide variety of specializations. We offer customers a full-service and one-stop customs service with a focus on digitalization.

Supporting Your Global Trade

Our specialists create, file, register, handle and advise on documents like Certificates of Origin, Transit Documents, Veterinary Declarations, and many other customs documents you may need to import or export goods. Our consultants can advise you on matters like HS Codes and determine the origin of products. Potentially complicated matters, that can cause delays if not done properly. We can also act as your in-house customs manager, manage your audits, handle applications for permits, or review and improve your customs processes.

Fiscal Representation

Do you need fiscal representation? We have a team of experts specialized in VAT matters, supporting international companies with importing goods into the European Union. Customs Support helps companies that are not registered in the Netherlands to redeem VAT from the Dutch Tax Authority.

Keeping Your People and Goods Safe

We also ensure that containers can be opened safely. Our trained container safety specialists make sure no dangerous gasses are left in containers by using advanced FTIR gas analysers. We also prevent false-positive results, which minimizes unnecessary rejections and extra costs. At the container terminals in Wanssum, Venlo, Roermond, and Born we have all the facilities required to force-ventilate containers that contain too much gas. We make use of modern high-pressure or negative-pressure degassing systems.

Knowledge is Power

Customs Support Academy is an independent training institute with a focus on specific parts of the logistics chain: customs, safety, health, the economy, the environment and hazardous substances. With our academy, we ensure you can comply with all laws and regulations by making sure your people have the most up-to-date knowledge.

We also regularly organize training sessions and customs training sessions and workshops in our own training centre, or on location.

Proud of Our People

Recently we recorded a company video. Several colleagues worked on this video, including Denise Kok and Marloes Willems. It tells the story of who we are and what we do. We filmed at various locations: in the Port of Rotterdam at Kramer Group, at our location at Schiphol Airport, at BCTN in Venray, and in Vlissingen at ZZ Coldstore. Beautiful and impressive scenes that show where our people work. We are proud of their dedication and the great work that they do. They ensure our customers don’t have to worry about the flow of their goods.

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About Customs Support

Since the start of the company in 1999, Customs Support has developed into a European full-service customs provider. Our focus on quality, innovation, and digitalisation has enabled us to become the leading customs broker.

Our more than 400 qualified and experienced specialists operate from 20 strategic locations across 5 countries. We proudly work in close cooperation with our customers to make sure their goods cross borders without hassle and without delay.

Customs Support is AEO Certified.