Preparing Your Customs for Christmas

Are you ready for the festive rush?
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Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year by ensuring your customs procedures are healthy now. Find out how to prepare your customs for Christmas in this article.

But it’s the start of October, why are we talking about Christmas?

We hear you, and we also aren’t rushing to put the tree up yet – but that doesn’t mean the sleigh isn’t already on its way.

Whilst “most” consumers believe that the festive season starts in December, supply chains typically start moving goods before the end of August.

Why? Because rates, freight availability, storage availability, distribution, and a whole host of other reasons make retailers prepare well ahead of the Christmas season.

Leveraging customs functions to prepare for Christmas without breaking the bank

When it comes to customs and Christmas, compliance and knowledge are king.

Obtaining customs permits, getting AEO certification, and checking your options for preferential origin all allow you to leverage reduced red tape and duty management services to their fullest potential – protecting your cash flow whilst stocking up for the Christmas rush.

Here are just a few of the benefits that you can have when you utilise your customs functions when stockpiling Christmas goods:

  • Lower duty spend
  • Reduced VAT spend
  • Improved cash flow
  • Money saved from better efficiency

All of which compounds into more floating capital available for stockpiling.

So, how do we achieve these benefits for your Christmas supply chain? There are a few functions that can be implemented or tweaked:

But, really it all starts with an analysis of where you are and what will give you the quickest, best return on investment.

Prepare your customs for Christmas – and for the future – with a quick scan

With a customs health check, you get the benefit of experienced customs consultants looking at your supply chain.

Not only will this put a fresh pair of eyes on your processes, but you’ll also get the expertise of someone who has gone through the supply chain optimisation process with several businesses before yours.

Here is what that process looks like:

  1. We perform a customs quick scan

We take a look at your business and supply chain, checking for gaps in compliance, performing a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis on your processes, and reviewing whether you really are getting the best deal by using your suppliers.

  1. You get your results

We get together and discuss how your processes and supply chain are performing, where we see some quick wins and where there are some longer-term improvements to be made.

  1. Implementation and management

We get to work with you on making the changes required at the level of commitment you can make at this time. From supervisory guidance to interim operational customs consultancy and training, you get the support you need to make the necessary changes to succeed long-term.

  1. Ongoing support

You can rely on us for post-project support, and as a sounding board for any new business lanes you would like to explore. We are here to empower your global trade and make it easy for you to succeed.

Ready to make some Christmas magic?

As you begin to ship your goods from all over, it’s not too late to prepare your customs for Christmas. Get in touch with us today to book your quick scan.