Spotlight On: Moerdijk


Located on an inland waterway between the Rotterdam and Antwerp areas, the Port of Moerdijk is a key hub for sea, waterway, rail, road, and pipe transport. Find out more the port in this article.

The Port of Moerdijk

The Port of Moerdijk is the fourth busiest port in The Netherlands, and the second busiest container port – facilitating over 19,000 jobs through direct and indirect employment within the 

This important logistical hub facilitates trading by sea, inland waterway, rail, and road. There are also large pipelines connecting Moerdijk with the Ports of RotterdamAntwerp, and Zeeland.

Every year, the Port of Moerdijk processes over 13.5 million tonnes of cargo, approximately  13,500 vessels and 500,000 TEUs (twenty-foot-equivalent units). 

The five harbours and 26.35 km2 of industrial space within the Port of Moerdijk don’t only handle containerised cargo, though. The area also hosts bulk and break-bulk cargo companies in the agricultural, chemical, construction, metals, and minerals sectors.

The history of the Port of Moerdijk

Established in the 1960s, the Port of Moerdijk is young compared to neighbouring ports. Reservoirs were being created at the nearby Biesbosch National Park, and the sand extracted from the project was used to construct the docks. 

In 1968, the Industry and Harbour Authority was created by a collaboration between the surrounding governments.

Shortly after, Shell was the first company to move into the area so that they could extend their capacity in Pernis. Their first factory opened in 1973, and they still have a large complex in the area today – despite two oil crises in the 1970s which put a stop to many companies’ growth plans.

Following the oil crises and difficult economic times that followed, industrial growth boomed at the Port of Moerdijk. 60 years on, it’s a key European Hub for The Netherlands and inland Europe.

In 2017, the port authority became a limited company, and the port was branded the Port of Moerdijk.

Customs Support Moerdijk 

Customs Support in Moerdijk oversees customs clearance for all modes of transport coming in and out of the port:

In addition to these functions, Customs Support Moerdijk also provides customs fiscal representation and certificates of origin

Did you know:

  • BP was also meant to build in the Moerdijk area in the 1970s, but their plans for expansion were put on hold due to an oil crisis.
  • Moerdijk and the surrounding towns are on the old Southern Waterline, the oldest Dutch defence line. On this line, you can find remnants of the five forts and 11 fortified cities which played a crucial role in defending the canal from southern invaders.
  • The Customs Support Moerdijk location is also used for darts competitions, so many of our colleagues find themselves back in the office on a weekend. They just love to hit a target!

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