SA-TU Logistics customs service is now Customs Support

Hello and welcome to SA-TU Logistics customs services, now operating as Customs Support. We operate locally in Finland, and by joining forces with Customs Support Group we now have more than 100 offices across Europe. 

We are specialised in

Import, export, and transit clearing
Customs Consultancy
Digital customs solutions

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Esko Holopainen
Esko Holopainen
Director, Customs Services
Who are Customs Support?

Customs Support is the full-service and digital customs partner in Europe. A fast-paced company that stands for engaged people, quality, customs compliance and digital innovation. Every day more than 1500 customs specialists work in unity to fulfill your customs requirements. Together, we make customs easy for global trade.

Customs Support has over 100 offices in Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden. Together we unite Europe-wide customs intel and experience through a digitally savvy and trusted network.

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We are the leading AEO-certified customs agent in Europe

Customs Support is the digital and neutral partner for customs consulting and declarations in Europe. We stand for knowledge, compliance, and advanced IT solutions.