Working with Customs Support Fresh

Before working with us, please make sure you fill in the application form.
You can find the form below.

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Steps to follow
  1. Before arrival of your shipment
    With the following procedure it is possible to apply for an inspection:
  2. The application form can be obtained:
    By e-mail:
    By phone: +31(0)20 – 4053720
  3. After completely filling in the inspection application form, it can be sent to Customs Support Fresh:
    Only by e-mail: 
  4. Customs Support Fresh will verify the possibility of the reqested inspection date and time, regarding:
    Arrival time of the airplane
    Average transportation time from airplane/handler to Customs Support Fresh
    Required time to prepare the shipment for inspection
    Availability of the inspection facility. If the requested inspection date/time is not possible, Customs Support Fresh will confer with you what inspection date/time is the best other option
  5. In your name, Customs Support Fresh will request in writing an inspection at the veterinarian authorities.
    If the requested inspection date /time is refused, the veterinarian authorities will offer an alternative time slot.
  6. Customs Support Fresh will request the handler to deliver the shipment at Customs Support Fresh.
    The time between arrival of the airplane and the delivery time at Customs Support Fresh is depending on the airplane type and the handlers logistic process. Customs Support Fresh and the handlers have made agreements about this.
  7. After a written confirmation of the veterinarian authorities, we will send you a confirmation by email as soon as possible.

The following handlers deliver shipments at Customs Support Fresh:

  • KLM
  • Menzies World Cargo (transport costs will be charged to agent)
  • Swissport (transport costs will be charged to agent)
  • WFS (transport costs will be charged to agent)
After arrival of your shipment

You are requested to pick up the airwaybill and health certificate at the hander’s facilities.
After registration and preparation for inspection, your shipment will be stored in a conditioned room untill the EU-inspection.
The preparation for inspection does consist of making the shipment organized and countable on Border Crossing Document-level for the veterinarian authorities. Client’s simple extra sorting instructions that are requested on the inspection application form, will be performed at the same time.
The used wooden pallets will be invoiced.
Distribution and sorting instructions which are labour-intensive, may be invoiced.
During the inspection of conditioned products, the inspection facility will have an average temperature of 18 C.
After the inspection, your shipment will be stored in a room with the required temperature untill your shipment will be picked up.

Customs Support Fresh uses the following standard temperatures:
  • Room temperature 15 C – 20 C
  • Cool temperature 0 C – 5 C
  • Freeze temperature -18 C – -16 C

* If you require a different temperature for your shipment, we kindly request you to write this on your inspection application form.

* After handing over the customs form “Toestemming tot wegvoering” (permission to carry away) and a valid ACN-card you can collect your shipment at Customs Support Fresh."